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To ensure sustained growth

To ensure sustained growth

This monthly membership guarantees sustained growth each month. Course after course, will introduce you to new knowledge and help you improve.
To get the best support there is

To get the best support there is

Our monthly membership ensures you’re given a great deal of support throughout your level-up journey. Sign up now and open the door to abundant knowledge and tips for a better life.
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To have more flexibility

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To save money

To save money

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  • Monthly GIFT: Complimentary access to complimentary access to Q&A session with Natalia Kobylkina.

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  • Total value form $5042 to $299! Best value for money save over $4500 and receive 56 programs and personal coaching

!!! IMPORTANT:We remind you that the monthly membership, and this applies to all others, is the price you pay for ACCESS 1 month, year, or VIP annual, with the old courses being replaced with new ones from first to fifth number. This gives you the opportunity to get twice as much!!!

I will answer all your questions!

Hi there! My name is Natalia Kobylkina, and I am a clinical psychologist, family therapist, NLP master, relationship expert, business coach, and best-selling author. Phew! That was long, eh? I’m also the founder and lead coach at the biggest self-development organisation in the Balkans.But that hardly covers who I really am–or how I came to be the person you’ll meet very soon. It also doesn’t cover my interests, my passions, and the essence of my character.

If you want to get to know me better, and learn more about my story and the ups and downs I’ve been through, check this out

Although I’m ready to help you with ANY problem or situation you may experience, I mostly specialise in helping you heal from trauma; build confidence and inner trust; awaken your feminine energy; find love and navigate the dating market; overcome relationship issues; thrive as a successful, independent woman; discover and pursue your mission; establish a business; and understand the true calling of your soul.

Did you know that most people spend thousands of hours (and tens of thousands of dollars) on therapy without getting a single good result? Yes, that’s true. That’s why I don’t conduct therapy like most other people do.Instead, I’ve drawn from my 20-year experience to create my own fool-proof method for helping you heal, grow, and thrive.

You see… my method is a peculiar yet highly effective combination of classical therapy, coaching, NLP, meditations, constellations therapy, and many more.

That’s what makes my method so successful. It’s the only one of its kind, and it’s the only method that can bring you long-lasting change through just a few sessions. Nothing works as well as it does, I promise you. 

If you want to feel the power of my method, book a session with me or one of my coaches. 

It depends! This is a very individual decision, and my team will gladly help you make the best choice for YOU. As a rule of thumb, though, I’d advise you to start with my trademark Geisha Program. Separated into 3 courses, it’s been transforming lives since 2009.

With its help, you’ll overcome pain; rewrite your personal story; open yourself for love; attract a high-value partner; step on the path that’s right for you; and achieve all your dreams with ease.Over 50,000 lives have been positively transformed thanks to it; yours won’t be the exception. Trust it now .

As I like to say during my courses, all the methods, skills, and knowledge I teach you are meant to give you throughout your entire life. If you practice what you’ve learned there, you’ll forever keep yourself on the path to happiness.

However, if you need a gentle nudge to work on yourself and stay on the right path, you could place your faith in our monthly and annual memberships. They’ll not only give you access to an abundant library of online trainings, but they’ll also keep you motivated and instruct you in a wide range of topics and situations, bringing your life closer to your dreams every single day.

Natalia K