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Are you ready to become a life-changer? Do you want to change your life and that of many people?

Being an expert in personal development is a blessing, but it also comes with great responsibility. It's not an exaggeration to compare it to the effort that a primary school teacher puts in to teach first graders how to read and write. To gain the trust of people and help them transform into their better selves, you need to first acquire a serious arsenal of knowledge and skills.

If you believe that your mission is to guide others on the path of change, then you are in the right place. Everything you need to learn is gathered in my mentorship program. It's an exciting journey, and if you have the courage to enhance yourself, rest assured that an incredible adventure awaits you.


I am a Personal Coach

The first step is to become a personal coach. It’s impossible to become a personal coach without being a self-aware person. That’s why you first need to build a strong relationship with yourself. When you discover that the source of inspiration is within you, you can then engage in building relationships with others. I’ll help you open your heart to a transformation that will bring you happiness. Afterward, new ideas and exciting projects will naturally come to your mind. You’ll see how easily you can attract things you never even imagined could happen to you. It’s so exciting when you realize that you can control your destiny instead of relying on luck or chance!

Don’t hesitate to listen to your inner voice and turn your calling into a profession. You’ll gain unique practices to lay a strong foundation for your mentoring journey.

If you’re motivated to acquire what’s necessary to become a personal coach there’s no reason to worry. Of course, you’ll need to put in effort, complete assignments, and practice. The time and energy you invest will be rewarded many times over. You’ll realize this soon when you start feeling like a fairy godmother who works wonders in people’s lives.

The "GEISHA" system is the second step of the adventure.

Its first function is to delve deeper into your inner world through “GEISHA 1” and address your personal traumas. This is a mandatory test for your personal growth. It will help you build a shield against clients who push emotional buttons deeply rooted in your consciousness. Through the “GEISHA” system, you’ll say goodbye to old pains and wounds from the past.


This is a chance to start fresh, aligning your energy for miracles. You’ll learn how to bring light into the lives of others and achieve your goals by relying on your femininity.

Once you reach this level of self-awareness, you’ll dive into even deeper layers of self-improvement with “GEISHA 2”. The focus shifts to becoming your own therapist.

You’ll understand the reasons behind your psychological traumas and how to break free from the cycle of repetitive situations. Adopting effective habits will be your springboard to the next stage of your development.

When you become more confident, you’ll inevitably boost your self-esteem. From this point on, simply enjoy your inner strength, which can unlock any door.

The third step of the journey is the Academy for Coaches.

This is a pivotal step in the transformation from a personal coach to an expert in personal development. The training will help you develop your personal qualities and acquire a set of professional techniques for effective work with clients.

You’ll discover an endless guide to creating your own courses and attracting as many clients as possible. Communication with people is an art, and without mastering it, it’s impossible to move forward. You’ll learn how to lead groups of 5 to 1000 people and keep their attention.

This is your chance to become a complete individual and practice something valuable. Helping people is a divine mission, and you will see how the Universe knows how to reward you for the good you do.

Last but not least, the earnings as a coach are unlimited and depend solely on your ambition and passion.

The fourth step of the journey is the Academy for Constellations.

The final level is a true challenge and can be seen as the magic wand with which the fairy tale fairy works wonders. In the training, you will master the art of constellations. They are an invaluable tool in my work, and the results are visible instantly.

Through constellations, connections to dependencies are severed, deep family tragedies come to an end, and the energy for attracting the right partner is increased. They are a chance to fulfill the dream of childbirth for people with reproductive problems and a guide for those who cannot find their place in the world.

The course teaches you how to enter the energy field of a group or an individual. The acquired knowledge will break the cycle of being just a coach.

After successfully completing these FOUR STEPS, you will receive an international CPD certificate for your new role in life - that of a LIFE-CHANGER!

Are you ready to become a life-changer?

The Academy for Life-Changers is an opportunity to change your life. The knowledge you will gain will help you establish yourself as an expert in personal development, no matter where in the world you are. After obtaining the certificate and completing all the course assignments, success will follow you like a shadow.

What is the guarantee that you will prosper?


If you don't acquire a single client, I will refund the amount you invested in the training.

Successfully completing the Academy for Life-Changers gives you the opportunity to obtain an accredited CPD professional development certificate. This certificate is recognized throughout Europe, the USA, Canada, Singapore, and by every institution. For you, this means that you will gain a wide range of skills and knowledge in various areas.

During the course, you will study various psychological approaches, including family constellations and practices in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). You will become familiar with provocative psychotherapy and develop business and leadership skills. This will help you break free from limitations and build the foundation for your successful career.

Completing the Academy for Life-Changers is an opportunity to touch many hearts and lives. The certificate you will receive is the gateway to your success and gives you the opportunity to help others in their personal and professional transformation.

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to grow and create a positive change in the world around you. Join the Academy for Life-Changers and start your journey towards achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.


 “CPD accreditation” describes the process for verifying the educational authority of training, online education and coaching providers. It ensures that the CPD learning activities offered conforms to third party, industry standards. 


Coaching involves guiding and supporting individuals to achieve their goals and unlock their full potential. Natalia Kobylkina will help you develop your skills and techniques. Professional licensure and certification requirements may vary by state or county, and job requirements vary by employer. Natalia Kobylkina does not guarantee licensure, certification or qualification for any profession on your completion of the course.


$ 899
  • I am a Personal Coach includes 6 lectures; total duration of 9 hours (cost $1499)
  • Bundle Happy Woman total duration of 21 hours (cost $549)
  • Academy for Coaches includes 6 lecture; total duration of 12 hours (cost $1999)
  • Academy for Constellations I includes 6 lectures; total duration of 12 hours (cost $1499)
  • Total duration of 54 hours of training
  • CPD Certificate after successfully completed exam

Here’s what this program’s alumni say:

Snejana Gospodinova
Read More
“I’ve been interested in family systems and constellations for a while. This program helped me pursue that interest, enabling me to learn so much about the laws and rules of family systems. Thanks to this program and Natalia’s amazing teaching skills, I’m ready to proceed to the next level.”
Dentisa Stefanova
Read More
“I feel as if I finally found what I’ve been looking for my entire life. I feel more confident—certainly happier and more at peace. I feel inspired! I now dream big! I want. And I receive!”
Mikhaela Chakalova
Read More
“This program was amazing! I am grateful that both my family and my clients will be able to heal their traumas through this life-changing method. It’s beyond effective! Some of my clients have already started sharing feedback with me, saying their lives have begun to change!”
Nina Kawaldjieva
Read More
“This was great! I learned so much about family systems and familial relationships. I am now applying my knowledge to help my clients.”
Tsvetelina Mateeva
Read More
“This program enriched my knowledge about constellations and expanded my skills. I now use a better, more effective method to lead constellations. This has helped me tremendously.”
Ekaterina Zakharieva
Read More
“This was a positive experience. It awakened many questions, whose answers I am yet to find.”
Tsvetormira Miteva
Read More
“Dear Natalia, I congratulate you and your team! I’m so grateful to you! I’ve followed you for over a year! I’ve attended your courses and seminars. I’ve fulfilled my dreams, accumulated savings, and achieved my goals (including obtaining a higher education degree). Thanks to you, I left my comfort zone and took risks! Thanks to you, I won so many times! I also eliminated a poor habit I used to have, and I did so with ease. Natalia, you inspired me to analyse myself. Following every marathon I attend, I feel drawn to reflect on myself and improve myself. Thanks to you, I left my previous job (in healthcare) and found a new one! I now care for people’s mental health—for the health of their souls! I started leading constellations and realized I was actually good at that! They helped both me and my clients recognize so much about ourselves. This was so thrilling! Of course, I could learn so much more! I want to learn more! I have re-watched your lectures. Every time I do so, I discover new things! I make new notes! I would love to meet you in person in Vienna, just so I could sense your energy. I’d also love to attend the second level of this Academy for Constellations. I wish you and your team to keep doing what you do! Thank you for inspiring us and helping us grow! Good luck! You’re wonderful!”


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