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Ariel Milan Karmeli

Ariel is a German-born psychosomatic therapist who comes from a multi-cultural Syrian and Iranian family background. He is a gifted facilitator, who works with people using a combination of cognitive and body-related therapeutic approaches to seek clarity and evoke their love for living by their own truth. He leads therapy and personal growth workshops across Europe and works in private practice in Tel-Aviv.

Milan’s professional background includes trauma healing (Somatic ExperiencingTM), Family Constellation, bioenergetic breath therapy, primal, and counseling. He also holds a MBA in managerial and organizational leadership from City University, Seattle.

Before entering the field of therapy Milan was a strategic consultant for Andersen Business Consulting, one of the world’s leading professional services companies. There he worked with management teams guiding them to create and strengthen their company’s vision through creative strategizing and execution, and organizational restructuring. This career revealed many avenues of life and specifically ways of human interaction, shaping Milan’s distinct approach to his current therapy work.

Many clients have stayed with him for several years in order to grow and strengthen their self-worth, helping them improve their daily interactions and making better choices in long-term decisions. During the actual therapy, Milan is exceptional at tailoring and shaping each session to exactly suit the client in front of him and their unique needs. He is recognized for leading workshops (group therapy), for the most part developed by him.

Milan speaks fluent English, German, and Hebrew.