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Psychology of Influence: Manipulation and Anti-Manipulation

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What is this webinar about?

Manipulation is a part of daily life. You can either succumb to it to your doom or you can learn how to spot and neturalize it. The choice is yours. You must choose whether to live like someone’s puppet or become the master of your show. If you want to do the latter, this webinar is for you.

  • Everyone has manipulated–or been manipulated. Sometimes, these manipulations are, as I like to say, ecological; they don’t harm anybody. Other times, however, these manipulations can harm us tremendously. It’s best we learned how to spot manipulative advances and counter them.
  • This program will equip you with all the knowledge and skills you need to protect yourself from manipulation–and, of course, to use manipulation to your advantage.
  • You will learn how to influence others, both in your personal and professional relationships!

What will you learn?

Throughout this webinar, you will learn the ins and outs of manipulation, including:

  • How to spot lies.
  • How to inspire confidence and make people comfortable.
  • How to recognize manipulation, and how to deal with it.
  • How to implement anti-manipulation techniques.
  • How to end toxic relationships in a friendly manner?
  • How to communicate in a healthy, mature way.
  • How to deal with people who provoke you, inspiring anger, guilt, or fear.
  • How to overcome the fear of telling the truth.

Who is it for?

This webinar, quite frankly, is for everyone! As I’ve already established, we’ve all fallen prey to the manipulative advances of others. It’s time we learned how to deal with manipulators! This course will help you recognize manipulators both in the personal and in the professional realms. It will introduce you to the basic components of manipulation, allowing you to stay on guard and spot liers and manipulators right away.

What's the program?

For years, scientists have been studying the human brain. What their research has shown is that the human brain is suseptible to both manipulation and influence. That is, as long as you know how to manipulate one’s perception, you can also manipulate their actions. Another aspect of their research has proven that body language–as well as other forms of non-verbal communication–shapes our understanding of a given situation quite drastically. Therefore, to influence and manipulate others, you must not only learn about the verbal tools manipulators use, but also master your body language, learn to control your facial expressions, and start playing with your tone of voice and intonation. This program will enable you to do so! It will help you familiarize yourself with all the tools and techniques you can apply to improve your communication with others, appear more trustworthy, avoid others’ manipulative advances, and manipulate if necessary.

Who is the trainer?

Natalia Kobylkina

Family therapist, psychologist, and author, Natalia Kobylkina has gained international fame for transforming lives! Throughout her career, she has helped people from over 150 countries. This has unsurprisingly won her the award "Most Influential Person on Social Media for 2018," among others. She deserves it, that's for sure! Natalia's dedication to changing lives, improving relationships, and helping establish new ones has made thousands happier. As effective as she is, Natalia always aims to tackle old trauma, eliminate blockages, and achieve a positive change in the…

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