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If your dream is to discover your talent as a female coach, serve women, and make money with pleasure,


Six modules online program

Recorded Marathon! You will complete this program in your own time, doing exercises and homework tasks. You will also lead 3 consultations on your own, which you will record. 
On top of that, you will lead a webinar. These tasks will serve as your final exam.

Natalia Kobylkina

After this course:

  • You will establish a harmonious relationship in your family.
  • You will change your life, fostering happiness and success.
  • You will turn your hobby into a profession.
  • You will help others grow happier.

In this day and age having a coach is becoming increasingly prominent. Female coaches are common! This is a coach who helps you establish fruitful relationships–first with your own self and then with the men in your life!

Imagine that



  • You wake up in the morning, filled with strength, energy, and inspiration!
  • You are filled with ideas and ready to get involved in new projects!
  • You are always receiving positive reviews and feedback from your clients!
  • You feel like an angel, a fairy of sorts, who works miracles!


This can be your new reality! Are you ready to change your life?

What we will learn

Coaching… is a peculiar profession. You’re often called “an angel” or “a fairy!”  In this module, we will discuss the personality of the female coach. In the first module, we will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to this program.
  • My personality — a coach’s behaviour and qualities.
  • A coach’s targets and tasks.
  • Magnetism and charism.
  • The different styles of a female coach.
  • The mission and life’s purpose of a coach.
  • Personal goals and targets of a coach.
  • Goals and tasks of the female group.

In order to work with others effectively, we need to work through our childhood traumas first. Crying with our clients is not allowed! We should never require our clients to solve our own problems.

  • Working as a female coach.
  • Imposing one’s energy, views, and perceptions onto others: when to do it and when not to do it.
  • Working with your past (childhood traumas, negative experiences, and stress)
  • Forgiving yourself and others. Our techniques for forgiveness.
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine behaviour in your work as a coach and in your life.
  • Tackling inner conflict.


Brief description. It’s imperative that modern women know the basics of family counselling, as this will enable them to build stable relationships.

In this module, you will learn the following:

  • Femininity as a field of study: theory and application
  • Balancing the feminine and the masculine
  • Tools for discovering your feminine strength and energy
  • The foundations of family counselling
  • Algorithm for psychological counselling (group exercises)
  • Individual counselling and its technologies
  • Algorithm for creating emotional intimacy
  • The stages of a relationship
  • Familial rules
  • The art of leading family negotiations
  • The roles and tasks of men and women
  • The specifics of consulting couples
  • Familial goals
  • The specifics of consulting individuals on attracting partners
  • Types of familial relationships
  • Constellations as both a therapeutic practice and an entry into the world of esotericism.
  • General information about female constellations and how they differ from other constellations.
  • How to enter the feminine flow.
  • Working with a group in order to create an aura and energy for miracles.
  • Working with practices and techniques that can incite a trance,
  • Working with gifts: sings and visions that come to us in constellations, meditations, and practices.
  • How to smoothly and effectively lead a group into a state of trance and then end it.
  • How to lead group meditations.
  • How to create an inner space for working with higher powers.
  • Techniques and practices for eliminating negative emotions and filling ourselves with energy.
  • Practices for fulfilling your desires — principles, execution, and results.
  • Individual counselling with some help from the Universe.
  • Constellations for the female kin.
  • Constellations for conception.

Psychosomatics: this is a new method of analysing physical illnesses. Conditions of the body often manifest as a result of psychological turmoil. The goal of this module is to understand the roots of inner conflict and learn how to solve it. We will also focus on unblocking repressed emotions, as this is the only way to help emotionally liable people heal.

We will discuss:

  • Emotions and their role in our life.
  • Ways to release suppressed emotions.
  • The view of illness as a teacher.
  • Techniques for resolving inner conflict.
  • The origins of disease.
  • Interpreting disease.
  • Tacking inner fears.
  • Practices for activating one’s inner resources, both physical and psychological.
  • Algorithms for working with psychosomatic symptoms.
  • Techniques for working with the unconscious.
  • Rewiring negative programs of thought and behaviour, which lead to sickness.
  • Techniques for healing past trauma.
  • The ability to gain and keep energy.
  • Meditations for health.
  • The specifics about counselling ill individuals.
  • The specifics about counselling individuals with ill relatives.
  • Counselling that is intended to eliminate seggsual issues.
  • The roots of seggsual issues for both men and women.
  • Seggsual practices for women & how to enjoy seggs and get more orgasms.
  • Unlocking the feminine seggsuality.
  • Leading group courses on seggsology.
  • Practices for orgasms
  • How to release feelings of shame, guilt, and fear.
  • Counselling couples on the topic of seggs.
  • Female seggsual practices and dealing with troublesome clients.
  • How to overcome the fear and lack of trust when discussing seggs in groups of women.
  • A technique for rewriting your life’s story.
  • Working with your life’s timeline.
  • Tools for setting goals.
  • The wheel of balance.
  • The wheel of femininity.
  • Working with one’s personal values.

The program “I am a PERSONAL Coach” is for you if you:

  • Seek your mission and wish to advance in the coaching industry.
  • Work as a psychologist for your friends, but are now ready to try it out as a professional.
  • You want to become “a professional wife” for your husband and a psychologically mature mother for your children.
  • You want to harness the secrets of psychology.
  • You want to master one of the most popular career paths in the 21st century.
  • You have a degree as a psychologist or you’ve successfully completed our Academy for Trainers, but you’d like some extra knowledge and practical tools for success.
  • You’ve completed our Academy for Trainers or Constellations, understanding you’re meant to become a coach.
  • You want to take your fate into your own hands, contributing to the world with your strength and energy.


Thanks to the professional techniques you’re about to learn, all of this can become your reality! You will also become happier!

Technology for Leading Trainings for Women:

  • How to craft a marketing text and present a product as attractive and necessary.
  • How to market a product.
  • How to structure training sessions.
  • How to craft schedules.
  • How to meet the man of our dreams.
  • How to attract abundance in a feminine manner.
  • The foundations of serving as a female coach.
  • How to become a successful female coach.
  • Explaining a theory about archetypes, both male and female, to clients.
  • Acknowledging the archetype of individuals.
  • Techniques and practices for leading a successful seminar for women.
  • How to properly conclude a seminar for women.


  1. You gain access to your account, where you can see all course links and recordings (valid for 6 months).
  2. You go through the course material in your own time.
  3. You take notes.
  4. You complete different exercises and homework assignments.

In this program we will draw from different fields of knowledge and apply skills from the following:

female coach
  • NLP
  • Nossrat Peseschkian’s Positive Psychotherapy
  • E Berna’s Traditional Analysis
  • Eriksonian Therapy
  • Family Systematic Constellations
  • Female practices
  • Psychoanalysis
  • Tantra Practices
  • Coaching
  • Fairy Tale therapy
  • Art therapy

Why should you do this with us?



    • More than 20 years of experience.
    • Over 25,000 hours of psychological counselling.
    • Over 500,000 happy clients worldwide.
    • Hundreds of successful seminars worldwide.
    • Author of over 10 books.
    • Author of more than 300 courses on personal development.

See what people say:

Мy dear Nataila, Diana, and team! I'm infinitely grateful for the opportunity you gave me! Thank you for all the fulfilment and joy I experienced as I was going through the modules of this training. I recently told Ellie (Elena Maleva) that finding your path and, as Natalia would say, your light after years of adversity is the most rewarding feeling out there. No longer plagued by sorrow or unclarity, you transform into a whole new person. Everything falls into place. I thank you dearly--you helped me find answers to questions I had spent a lifetime seeking. Even through their answers lied deep within me, your (Natalia's and her team's) dedication, knowledge, and effort brought them to the surface with ease. As I write, tears of joy pool in my eyes. Words evade me when trying to describe how grateful I am to all of you, wonderful people. ️ Be well--all of you and your families!
With love,


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  • Six 90-minute-long modules
  • Foolproof, effective practices
  • Readiness to practice as a Personal Coach
  • Gift: our online course Psychosomatics of the Body: How to Stay Healthy?($99)

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