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I once had a client who told me, “Natalia, I’ve been going to therapy for ten years! I paid $60 for every session, and you’re charging me a lot more! Why is there such a big difference in your prices?”

I smiled at her and said, “Give it a try!” She did, and just a session later, she changed her job and met a new man! After our second session, she moved to Switzerland. During our third session, she shared she was engaged. All of this happened within 18 months! 

The last time she came to see me for a personal consultation she looked at me and said, “You deserve a whole lot more than $350!”

What do I guarantee? 

  • I will dedicate this time to you. I will serve you!
  • I will be honest with you and tell you what no one else tells you. This will cure your pain!
  • There will be pain and tears, and, as many of my clients share, “I never cry! I don’t know what came upon me!” This happens because I know exactly what to do to uncover the pain you’ve kept hidden for years. You will leave this session with an unprecedented dose of relief and inner freedom!
  • Following the end of our session, you may feel both confused and encouraged. You will feel like a different person—one who sees a new path ahead!
  • Confidentiality! I will keep any information you share with me privately, and I will never speak about your case/situation with anyone. What we discuss in our sessions stays in our sessions.

What do I expect of you?

  • Punctuality. My sessions get booked months in advance and, if you come late, we would have to work less for the same price. Please be on time.
  • Effort. I expect you to be ready to work hard and transform your life. I will give you a lot of homework tasks and practices, and you need to gather the bravery to get them done!
  • Understanding. In case you refuse to do the assigned exercises and homework tasks, I reserve the right to stop working with you. I care about your success, and I need you to achieve your goals. Your transformation matters to me. I will not allow you to waste your time and delude yourself into thinking you’re getting better just because you go to therapy.

What do I do?

I enter your field and locate your problems immediately. As spotting the problem is the hardest part of healing, spotting the problem is the key to your transformation. If you work with a therapist who cannot spot your problem, you may waste years in therapy without seeing any results! Luckily, my talent is spotting your problems and helping you find a solution through different practices and homework tasks. All my clients manage to transform their life with just three sessions—as long as they do the work, of course.

What sorts of problems do we tackle?

  • Why don’t I have a partner and how could I attract him?
  • How can I discover my mission?
  • How can I get my man back after unfaithfulness?
  • How can I boost my self-confidence, my social status, my wealth, and my sensuality?
  • How to cope with a breakup or the loss of a loved one?
  • Life after childbirth and life after abortion.
  • All problems related to sex and relationships.
  • All forms of crises.
  • All sorts of questions that you may need help with.
  • I will help you answer the following question: “Why am I doing this, and how proceed?”
  • I do not work with people who have serious physical illnesses, and I cannot help those who have serious psychological diseases. I also do not work with people with addictions such as alcoholism and gambling.

Who is Natalia Kobylkina?

Family therapist, psychologist, and author, Natalia Kobylkina has gained international fame for transforming lives! Throughout her career, she has helped people from over 150 countries. This has unsurprisingly won her the award “Most Influential Person on Social Media for 2018,” among others. She deserves it, that’s for sure!
Natalia’s dedication to changing lives, improving relationships, and helping establish new ones has made thousands happier. As effective as she is, Natalia always aims to tackle old trauma, eliminate blockages, and achieve a positive change in the lives of her clients. Effectiveness is among Natalia’s core tenets!
Natalia has created a plethora of programs and seminars, whether live or online. She has delivered more than 3000 training sessions for men, women, and couples. Her career has led her to travel across the world and work with individuals from different countries, including the U.K., Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria, Thailand, and so on.
On top of that, Natalia has also given more than 10,000 hours of personal coaching sessions–an experience that has equipped her with the expertise to write multiple bestsellers.  Some of her most successful books are “A Woman’s Guide to Happiness,” “69 Sex Tips,” and “33 Days to the Dream.”

What options we offer:

  • Option One: One personal session of 55 minutes for $500 
  • Option Two: Basic package of 3 personal sessions each 55 minutes for $ 1500
  • Option Three: VIP Package of 4 personal sessions each 55 minutes for $2000 

Details: Once you’ve paid, you can book the time slot for our session. 

  • Time zone: The sessions are booked in the UK time zone.
  • Our team will contact you to confirm your appointment or to suggest another available date and time slot.
  • The duration of this session is 55 minutes. The session is conducted via Skype, Viber, or WhatsApp. Please note that once bought, consultations may be used up within three months after purchase.
Customer Feedback:
My personal session with Natalia was an amazing experience! She quickly spotted all the problems I had in my field. For just an hour, she helped me realize a ton of things I couldn’t realize for years! I feel so much better! I cannot wait to meet with her again in a month, as she’s always booked out and I couldn’t get an earlier appointment. I thank Natalia dearly! I recommend her to everyone! ❤️❤️❤️☀️ 

Ever since I began attending Natalia’s courses, both in person and online, my life changed! I now understand things so much more clearly! Thanks to Natalia, I gathered the strength to leave my ex-partner! I am now watching her newest marathons and plotting my strategy for success. I cannot wait to see what new programs she comes up with! Thank you, Natalia! ❤️ E.

Hi there!
I would like to thank Natalia, as working with her changed my life! Ever since I began attending her courses and personal sessions, wonderful changes occurred in my life! I have a new job, and a new house and my relationship with my parents has significantly improved!

Thanks to my personal session with Natalia, I now know what my mission is. I understand how I can contribute to society!
My work and development continue—with Natalia’s help, of course. I’ve been with her for five years now, and it’s my pleasure to be her client.

Elista Kondakova

It’s my utmost pleasure to share my experience with Natalia. I am so happy I attended a personal session with her. I honestly did not expect such a quick change!
Following my first consultation on September 20th, my career changed. Natalia motivated me to stop loitering and change my job. She helped me recognize the problem and helped me look at things from a different perspective. She helped me analyze my priorities and base my decision on them. I followed her advice to start setting boundaries and, as soon as I did that, I felt a whole lot less stressed by my work! My health problems vanished.
Natalia knows how to “push” my buttons. When she first did that, when she first “pushed” the button that triggered my pain, I burst out crying. Over time, however, I understood why my soul suffered and overcame the pain. Natalia also navigated my attention, pointing out those parts of my personality that prevented me from establishing healthy relationships.
As Natalia had already warned me this would happen, I experienced a dose of inner resistance at first but did not allow it to stop me. Instead, I dove deep into my character—and my past—and acknowledged my weaknesses. I’m working on myself now, trying to make everything better. I even contacted one of my friends to ask for her forgiveness. I felt so relieved!
Following my second consultation with Natalia, I was surprised at the results! My life was changing, and I could feel it. Natalia helped me with a constellation for my ideal partner and then offered me precious tips! I trusted her, not expecting immediate changes! I started going on dates, though I hadn’t gone on a date for a long time! Just a week after our session, I had gone on three dates. I was finally getting attention from men!
Natalia raised my vibration and helped me feel good! She helped me feel good and, within an hour, touched my energy. Her ability to help me and transform my life is due to many factors, her competence, professionalism, and talent included. She’s a gifted psychologist, that I know!
I am forever grateful for the ability to work with her, and I am also thankful for the professionalism and responsiveness of her team.