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Antonia George Eva

Antonia George Eva is a worldly, diplomatic lady that lives in her mission and up to her highest potential.

She has a Masters’s Degree in Diplomacy and a Style & Etiquette Diploma from Elite Schools in USA & Europe respectively. Antonia travels most of her days. She is the First Lady on Seabourn and her style and elegance have captured the attention of the international arena. She is currently working on a book “Be the Captain of your Life!” in her effort to spread elegance and style in the life of others so they too can experience the life of Upscale Existence!

Antonia George Eva is eager to transform your life by starting with your style. There are so many inspirational women that have lived on this planet from Audrey Hepburn to Jacqueline Kennedy, from Princess Grace Kelly to Coco Chanel, from Zsa Zsa Gabor to Princess Diana, why not be one of them?

Every woman is beautiful in her own way, Antonia is here to help you find the best stylish version of YOU! So you too can enjoy an Elite, Upscale Existence!

Antonia can help you with:

  • Elegance & Etiquette Coach
  • Lifestyle Specialist–Tell me the lifestyle you envision, so I can tell you how you need to look like–Providing help in finding the right Inspiration for your New Styling Persona
  • Creating Intelligent/Every Day Wardrobe
  • Creating Special Occasion/Colorful Wardrobe
  • Couple’s Wardrobe/ Family Wardrobe & Family Style Transformation

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