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Natalia Kobylkina

meet natalia

World-renowned psychologist, family therapist, and NLP master, who’s here to help you heal from trauma and harness your seductively feminine self.

The queen of Eastern European wisdom, Natalia’s also a best-selling author, former TV host, and an influence for change.

Everyone is capable of healing and
rising up to their full potential

I vividly remember my childhood. I was a young, shy small-town girl. I used to stutter a lot. Confidence was not my forte.

I discovered my talent, writing, at the age of ten. Thanks to that, I became the school’s “writer,” so to speak, writing plays and songs for my classmates. Had I not had acne, that would have made me popular. But boys hardly noticed girls with pimples on their faces.

In spite of my imperfect appearance, I decided, I had to learn how to seduce men. I wanted to understand men and wrap them around my finger. That’s why I read all possible books and magazines about seduction and flirting. Titles like “how to have men in your feet” and “how to influence people” became compulsory reading for me. Results followed.

I won my university’s beauty pageant, winning the title “Miss University.” There had been thousands of competitors, but I had done better than all of them! I was praised for my amiable nature.
That was the moment I realised psychology and confidence are the two greatest things in the world.
My confidence skyrocketed. (Well, the golden star of the university fell in love with me, and that surely helped, too.) That was my first major win in life. I began trusting myself more and seeing myself as a confident and feminine woman. It didn’t take me long to realise that would be my mission in life. On the very same day, I decided to study psychology. With every part of my being, I knew that was my calling.
I believe:
  • Everyone is capable of healing and rising up to their full potential.
  • A seductive goddess lurks within every woman, and all of us have the power to be happy.
  • We’re born miracles, and it’s only fair we learn how to attract more miracles into our lives.
I’m not about:
  • Remaining stuck in the grip of trauma and letting it dictate all your actions.
  • As Jung said… until we make the unconscious conscious, it will continue to shape our lives and we’ll call it fate.
You can find me:
Reading, leading seminars, writing books, working out, dining with my husband, and hanging out at the Arts’ Club with like-minded individuals.
Daily Rituals:
Meditation and visualization, journaling, walks with my son, cuddles with my husband, and some me-time at the end of every day.

Looking back, my struggles with confidence and insecurity were the very things that helped me become the successful, magnificent, feminine woman I am today.

This was my Eureka! Moment

I realised my future was in my hands, and I could carve out my dream life with the help of the right mindset and the right attitude. It was all up to me.

This motivated me greatly, leading me to seize every opportunity that came my way.

At 18, I began leading seminars.

At 19, I was leading faculty and student trainings. I was both a student and an instructor!”

At 20, I enrolled in a second university, studying whilst also interning at hospitals and helping people.

At 21, I graduated with two degrees. At 22, I got married to the man of my dreams.

But that wasn’t enough. I realised that no matter how successful my business became, I’d never find balance in my life if I worked myself like a horse. I was still not living my dream life.

At that time, I had been leading seminars all over the world. There was a point when I quite frankly didn’t know what country I was waking up in.

And, then, the unthinkable happened.

I woke up one day and couldn’t get up. My eyes hurt. My head hurt. I was drained. I had reached burnout!

Working for 18 hours a day, I understood, wasn’t exactly normal. I realised I hadn’t vacationed with my partner in months. I also missed most of my friends’ birthday parties. Yes, I adored my work and I was helping thousands of people, but I lost my connection to myself. I had neglected my relationship with myself - as a being, as a woman. I was exhausted; I had trouble sleeping and I had started gaining weight. In spite of that, I was always on the go, running after the next challenge.

“Stop!” I finally told myself.

I enrolled in a Vipassana and spent 10 days in utter silence and stillness. It was hard, to be honest with myself. I was in pain.

Yet again, I had to start from zero.

The change was imminent. I was determined to establish a new life with love, balance, and health as its core principles.

Natalia K

When the retreat ended and I returned home, I told my husband I wanted to get a divorce. I was no longer the young, insecure girl, the university student who met a boy and turned him into her husband. I was famous, active, and successful. Our values and dreams had parted many years ago. We divorced, remaining close friends who share love and gratitude to this day.

That wasn’t the only change I made. I began putting self-love–and myself–first, before any relationship and professional engagement. I promised myself to be 100% honest with myself and never compromise when it comes to my peace, my health, and my sanity.

Within months, I had transformed my life. It had done a 180 turn--for the better.

My intention is to empower you to transform your lives and live out your dreams! I wish you to be happy, to be confident, to love yourselves. And, more importantly, I desire that every one of you discovers herself, her rules, and her aspirations, and lives solely in accordance to them. Do it YOUR way.

So, my ladies — do you want that for yourselves? I know I wanted to have the dream life, to have unlimited freedom, endless opportunities, and an abundance of love. I wanted to be irresistible, seductive, and feminine. And I wanted to live in accordance to MY RULES only.

I want to help you do the same…

Natalia K


This is your best guide on the route to success and limitless abundance.

From fool-proof strategies for wealth to life-changing meditations and personal anecdotes, this is your chance to turn all your financial goals into a reality!

This is your personal guidebook to harnessing your feminine energy, making your dreams come true, and attracting (and keeping) the dream high-value man.

This is how you eliminate self-limiting beliefs, transform your mindset, triumph over every challenge, and turn every day into a success.

This is how you become a woman who’s loved by men and cherished by the grand Universe.


Watching: Downtown Abbey

Drinking: Green tea with lemon

Reading: Goddesses in Everywoman

Craving: A holiday to the tropics

Listening: Ready for Love by India.Arie

Natalia K
Professional Bio
Family therapist, psychologist, and author, Natalia Kobylkina has gained international fame for transforming lives! Throughout her career, she has helped people from over 50 countries. She’s travelled the globe, delivering seminars and changing faiths in different corners of the world.

Natalia’s dedication to changing lives, improving relationships, and helping establish new ones has made thousands happier. As effective as she is, Natalia always aims to tackle old trauma, eliminate blockages, and achieve a positive change in the lives of her clients. Effectiveness is among Natalia’s core tenets! So are discretion, kindness, freedom, and love. A tenet which stands at the root of Natalia’s philosophy is giving love–and living through the energy of love, especially at those times when this is the last thing we would want to do.

In fact, Natalia’s practice and philosophy have become so popular and successful that Natalia has created Academies to educate other coaches. That’s how Natalia began her Constellation Academy and her Academy for Trainers. Thanks to her dedication to sharing the tricks of her trade with others, psychology and counselling have become more easily accessible than ever before, changing lives and turning people’s faiths around. There’s a reason many equate Natalia to their personal angel–a beacon of light and hope they can follow at all times.



All these courses are based on the philosophy of Natalia Kobylkina, who vouches for more love, peace, and abundance in the life of every one of us. Natalia is a transformational life coach, NLP master, and psychotherapist, who’s helped over a million souls throughout her 22-year experience.

Natalia’s embarked on a mission to spread her philosophy and psychological method with others in her School for Life-Changers, whose students become world-class CPD-certified coaches.

Natalia Kobylkina Natalia Kobylkina has completed an accredited course and furnished satisfactory evidence of their competence in this subject matter to be granted the status of Senior Member ACCPH.

Approved images

Navigating Success Natalia Kobylkina
SEMINAR in Palma de Mallorca From Good Girl to a Mature Woman Natalia Kobylkina
SEMINAR in Palma de Mallorca From Good Girl to a Mature Woman Natalia Kobylkina
The Five Difficult Questions Every Psychologist Asks
VIP Afternoon Tea with Natalia Kobylkina Dubai
VIP Afternoon Tea with Natalia Kobylkina Dubai

Speaking and events

Natalia is one of the most sought-after coaches and motivational speakers in the Balkans and beyond! She’s millions of people all over the globe take control of their lives, gain faith in themselves, and achieve all their dreams with ease and efficiency.

Natalia’s events are highly entertaining–duh, she’s got a hilarious sense of humour–and empowering. They engage audiences in transformational meditations and practices, helping them shake off trauma, embrace their higher selves, and step on a path to self-love, success, and abundance.
Natalia K

Natalia has a fascinating speaking style that is highly interactive.

She draws on personal anecdotes, stories from her life and experience, as well as other real-life tools that lead her audiences on to a journey of healing, transformation, and self-growth. Participants never walk out the same. Just a single session–or seminar–with Natalia fundamentally transforms their views of life and relationships, helping them discover the light, both within and without. Healed and recharged, participants leave Natalia’s company to achieve the magnificent: they find love, get married, have babies, relocate, establish multimillion-dollar companies, and thrive in all areas of life.

Some of Natalia’s favourite topics to speak on include eliminating trauma, personal blockages, and self-limiting beliefs. Natalia feels passionate about helping others silence all self-doubt and side with their inner empowered selves. She loves to show her audience effective practices for manifesting wealth, materialising dreams, and attracting endless abundance into their lives.

Natalia is available for bookings for personal sessions and seminars, as well as workshops, Q&A-style events, conferences, and more.



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