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Help & FAQs

Thank you for choosing to be with us. We hope that this page will be of great use to you. On this page, you can find answers to all your questions regarding and its products.

This page will help you solve possible issues that you may experience on our website. It includes instructions regarding the following: tackling account problems; accessing webinars and marathons; finding Zoom links in order to join live meetings; seeing your homework assignments; and solving any technical issues you may have.

As we are here to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

An upcoming program is a LIVE online training, event, webinar, or marathon, which is hosted online, in real-time, via Zoom.

You can find all upcoming programs by selecting the top category of the drop-down menu. These programs are listed as upcoming.

An online course is an online training, event, webinar or program that is recorded.

You can find all online courses from the top category drop-down menu. They are listed as online courses.

A marathon is an online training. It is either held through live streams or through recorded videos. Various digital materials and homework assignments are always involved.

The time duration of each marathon varies depending on the topic. In most cases, it is usually 5 days. Participants are assigned homework at the end of each day of a marathon. The topic is in alliance with the subject of the lesson.

Marathons have support groups, where participants share their homework progress, as well as the feelings and emotions they experience during the marathon. Throughout the marathon, participants work together, urging each other forward. Support groups are available on Telegram and WhatsApp.

These support groups are a great way to make friends and become a part of an understanding, supportive community. They’re also great means to ask questions and receive answers.

You can find all upcoming marathons from the top category drop-down menu. They are listed as upcoming.

Once a marathon has been streamed, its recordings are saved. Hence, the marathon becomes a recorded marathon. If you purchase a recorded marathon, you will not have access to a support group.

Instead, you get links to all the recordings of the given marathon. You can find all recorded marathons from the top category drop-down menu. They are listed as marathons.

A seminar/live event is a training program that is conducted live. Such programs are held in person.

You can find all live events from the top category drop-down menu. They are listed as live events.

A session is a one-on-one therapy session with your chosen coach. It’s a personal appointment where you can work with your personal issues and find a plethora of individual solutions. It’s an amazing chance to let the past go and heal!

During these sessions, you will describe your current situation, emotions, and feelings. Then, your therapist will use their personal expertise to help you resolve your main troubles. The main goal of these sessions is to propel you to your dream life.

You can book your session from the top main menu. You will see them listed as sessions.

Free programs include trainings, webinars, and events that you can stream for no cost. They’re a great way to gain new knowledge and reflect on the state of your life, career, and relationship.

They can be found from the main menu listed as free. Only free programs are sent as free-to-use links.

Remember: paid programs are available only in your customer account.

These are all discounted programs! You will find all upcoming programs with special prices on our Hot Deals section.

If you wish to purchase any program from you need to:

  • Choose a program you like.
  • Open the program’s page and choose the BUY NOW button. You will be redirected to the bottom of the page, where you can purchase your chosen program and select a package.



  • Once you have added the program to your cart you will see a message on the top of your screen.


  • Select the view cart button. Here you can check, update, or edit your order.


  • Once you proceed to check out, you will either have to log into your existing account or, if you’re a new customer, proceed and make a new account automatically.
  • IMPORTANT! Please note that when you make a payment via checkout you have an account automatically created for you.
  • When you make an order, you agree with the Terms & Conditions of the website.


As you pay for your chosen products, our website automatically creates an account for you. You will be able to find all the details you need in your profile. There, you can find links to upcoming zoom meetings and access to recorded programs.


helpWhen you are logged in your account click on Courses as shown on the picture
Once you open the My Courses page, click on the title of the program you have purchased. For this example, we are using the “Living at a High Vibration” program.

Once the program content is displayed, you will see a link to the support group, as well as Zoom links for upcoming live meetings. Please note that the Zoom links will become active on the date and time the live is scheduled.



Once you choose the day of the marathon you wish to watch, you will see the video and the homework right beneath it.

The recording of Zoom live will be available to watch for 12 working hours after the meeting is over. The progress line with 0% shows your progress, rather than the loading of the video.