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Activation of the youth gene through sacred feminine practices

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This webinar is perfect for you because...

Dear Ladies,

  • Do you want to radiate feminine power, beauty, depth, and feel like a beautiful flower, attracting everything into your feminine field?
  • Do you want to unlock a long-forgotten part of yourself?
  • Are you ready for true miracles to start happening with you?
  • Do you believe you are a real enchantress for your family?
  • Do you want to shine and unlock your feminine intuition?

Then you are ready for this transformation – to whirl in the feminine flow!

On the webinar:

We will go with the flow, and each of you will find something super valuable for themselves!

Ksenia will guide you through original physical and energy practices that will overturn your perception of yourself.

Ksenia is a guide and a shaman, able to create the exact vibration and flow in which every woman rediscovers herself and enjoys her inner strength and beauty.

We’ve long been searching for a coach who truly experiences her feminine energy and can lead you on this path.

What you will learn?

• You will discover your feminine attractiveness
• You will strengthen your belief in yourself
• You will feel complete in your feminine energy
• You will unlock your sacred sexuality for supreme pleasures and experiences
• You will activate your natural magnetism, allowing you to attract everything you dream of
• You will activate your resources and fill yourself with energy



What we will do?

• Powerful female practices for unlocking strength and energy
• Learn a secret algorithm for youth
• Activate the youth gene
• Heart-opening practice
• Bonus: Tantric sacred practices

You will enter the New Year as a beautiful, radiant, sexual, and confident woman, full of energy!

Who is the trainer?

Ksenia Muza

I met Ksenia Muza 15 years ago at a tantra seminar in France. Back then, she impressed me with her powerful femininity, beauty, and gentleness. Everything seemed to become beautiful and magical around her. I imagined her as a goddess, a healer, but it turned out that during that time, she was a businesswoman with her exclusive travel agency. Years passed, and she became the person I always expected her to be. She became an energy practitioner, healer, teacher of sacred feminine tantra, women's mentor,…

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1 review for Activation of the youth gene through sacred feminine practices

  1. Irena Dzhunova (verified owner)

    Such an easy but very powerful practices for unlocking strength, energy and heart. I felt like I straightened my spine. I definitely got energized. I recommend highly.

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Recorded Webinar

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