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Online Academy

for Coaches

Program Trainer: Natalia Kobylkina
My dear friends, you always ask me to teach you how to become a coach. I’m finally responding to your call with this brand new program! I led my first seminar over 20 years ago. Every day since, I’ve been working with people, bringing light and love into every family. I created my cathartic system, which changed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide.

I want to share my system with you!

Who is this program for?

Course Curriculum:

Module One
  1. Personal qualities of a coach. What should you look like in order to influence through your appearance? How can you gain charisma and magnetism?
  2. Self-confidence and self-presentation. How can you grow more confident? How can you present yourself in order to influence others?

3. Personal branding. How can you build recognizable personal branding? How can you correctly formulate your personal goals? How can you use Instagram (and other social media platforms) to build your image?

4. Fears and blockages. How can you work through your fear of public speaking?

5. Community and reliance on the opinions of others. How can you develop neutrality? How can you remain unreactive to criticism? How can you make others like and accept you?

Module Two
  1. Structure. How can you structure your coaching sessions and courses? How can you prepare scenarios for a seminar and/or a consultation? How can you come up with bait names for your programs?
  2. Creating a program. How can you form a new program? Where should you look for new skills and knowledge?

3. Course Curriculum. How can you decide on your course curriculum? How can you write articles to popularize your courses? How can you find new clients through your articles?

4. Creating algorithms and technologies for your seminars and consultations.

5. Methods for leading dynamic practices & meditations, both in-person and online.

6. Methods for conducting therapy within a program.

7. Main mistakes that beginner coaches make and how you can avoid them.

Module Three
  1. Public speaking–online and in-person. How can you keep your audience’s interest?
  2. Managing group dynamics. How can you manage groups between 5 and 1000 people?

3. Overcoming client resistance and objections. How can you motivate people to change?

4. Methods for working with different types of clients. Techniques for coping with difficult clients.

5. The specifics of working with a female, male, or mixed-gender audience.

6. How can you become a coach whose clients achieve great results?


You can work from home.

You don’t need starting capital; in the meantime, your potential income is unlimited.

You will do something truly valuable, bringing greater satisfaction, joy, and income into your life.

You will help others, gaining good karma for yourself and your family.


In order to enter the Academy for Coaches, you need to have completed Geisha 1 and Geisha 2. This program is suitable for both genders. It’s best to have passed Geisha 1 before enrolling in this Academy.


Group up to 300 people
$ 499
  • 6 two-hour lectures.
  • Homework tasks and assignments
  • Foolproof, effective practices
  • Readiness to practice as a coach


$ 899
  • Geisha One (cost $199)
  • Geisha Two (cost $199)
  • Academy for Coaches (cost $1999)
  • Academy for Constellations I (cost $1499)


Hi everyone! I know Natalia is very busy, but I’d like to ask you to share my gratefulness with her. Thanks to her programs, including her Academy for Coaches, my life changed! I just completed her Academy for Coaches, which helped me overcome a lot of personal blockages. I now have a brand, logo, website, YouTube channel, and lots of positive reviews from customers. I’m inspired to help people and transform lives, just like Natalia transformed mine. I will send you screenshots with two customer reviews! I’ve also attached my first eBook, which focuses on the suggestopedia and its five uses, as well as a screenshot from my most recent webinar about the secret reservoirs of the mind. Thank you so much!
Yulia Karemova
“Even though I joined this Academy rather coincidentally, I enjoyed every second of it. It helped me restart both my personal and my professional life. I now have more clarity regarding myself and my actions. Natalia’s program was, so to speak, the catalyser of great change for me. It awakened everything that had stayed dormant for years! Following the Academy, I doubled my business in size, and, in the year after the Academy, I tripled my business in size and revenue. The investment I made in this Academy came back to me times and times again. I will forever remember this, as it transformed my life for the better.”
Galena Miteva
“I signed up as soon as I learned about this Academy. Today, three years later, my life is entirely different. I am the author of two books on the topic of love and partnerships. I lead seminars and online courses, and I enjoy an ever-expanding audience. I am also married to my dream partner, whom I met right after Geisha! I have two wonderful daughters. To this day, I work with the ladies I met in the Academy. Some of them have become close friends. Although I’ve attended all sorts of courses and seminars, I’ve never met a coach better than Natalia. Natalia changed my life and helped me start seeing things in perspective. I am forever grateful.”
Hi Natalia! I’d like to send you a letter of gratitude. I would like to thank you! Thanks to you and your Academy for Coaches, my life changed drastically. I finally dared to be myself! For years, I had been aware of my differences and tried to conform, which made me miserable. Thanks to you, that changed! Today I am the person who creates and chooses my own social environment. I now have a lot more friends, who love spending time with me. They introduce me to their friends, often bringing them to my events. Everyone shares they admire me. Even my own sister admitted that I was a great coach on Facebook. “Although everyone needs to have a coach in their life,” she wrote, “I don’t need to seek one! I have had a coach since the day I was born!” Her post made me cry. I felt appreciated and validated! Thank you, Natalia! Thank you for bringing such miracles into my life! Continue changing lives with ease. You can do this! I wish you many successes! Be well. Be blessed!
Natalia Malamova
“This Academy was very intense for me. I completed so many practices, homework assignments, and challenges. We did so much work! It’s natural that something as intense can make us feel stressed. Yes, this was hard. It was a great challenge, especially towards the end, when we were preparing our first seminars and doing a lot of public speaking. We did it all! Following my seminar, I remember looking at the video recording and wondering how I had managed to do this. How did I manage to speak in front of such a large audience and lead a seminar? I had zero experience! Natalia’s greatest talent is taking people out of their comfort zone and helping them step into the unknown (she will even push you into the unknown, in case you’re unwilling to go on your own!) Natalia never allows people to stay stuck in their fear. She helps them overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears, as she helped me! Thanks to Natalia, I managed to look within and work on myself for the first time in my life. Up until that point, I had attended seminars, but never done it with the purpose of changing my life. Natalia motivated me to truly commit to my personal and professional growth, which, of course, I did. This justifies the amount of time I spent on the Academy for Coaches. The results, just as the process, were both intense and life-changing.”
Elena Kitanova-Sundari

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