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Emilia Belcheva

The fear of failure has always terrified me, but it has never motivated me. I am a person who, if you tell him – “Tomorrow you will die” I will not even flinch. But if you tell me: “Do this and you will live 120 years” – then I will work my ass off! I love simple things!

I love saving time! I wanted to combine family, health, and dreams. And I achieved it! I am a mother of two children, a housewife, I start work when I was 14 years old, and worked for myself when I was 16 years old, I conduct training, I consult people from all over the world, I have written five books, I hold seminars, train coaches, I teach pregnant women to gain only 7 kg and drop them in the hospital, how to quickly and easily develop their children, how to understand themselves as well as others and many other things.

And yet I find time for myself! Be careful, because I can be very useful to you! To find out what and how you can use me, read!