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zara atanasova

Zara Atanasova

Theta-Healer, Deste cards Teller according to the Greek system, numerologist and the clairvoyant of celebrities, removes black magical and helps with rituals for money and attracting partners.

From a very young age, Zoi had the talent to predict the future. She went through a serious illness and nobody knew if she would survive, she was left alone in a hospital and despite the poor prognosis, she survived. What helped her was the faith in God, prayers and meditations. After her recovery, she acquired the talent to see people’s future and to communicate with souls.

She was spotted by one of the most powerful healers in Greece who started to train her.

Zoi went through the schools of metaphysics and philosophy, she learned rituals, meditations and therapies. She completed a real wizard school.
Zoi is the only heir to the most powerful sorceress from Izmir Katina, and she has been chosen to read with Deste cards.

Deste cards are not just cards, they are live cards. You can see with them what is coming and you have the opportunity to change it, if you want… because our souls have a free will for their lives. Deste cards cannot only predict, but they also give their advice.

Moreover, she is a certified Theta healing therapist. Theta healing therapy introduces positive affirmations in place of negative ones, examines the conscious and the subconscious. This method can treat childhood fears and injuries.

She also practices numerology. Numerology, known to many people, is science and art, through which some main trends of fate, the character and realization of the person can be determined.

They call it “the magic of numbers”. Every person is associated with numbers that relate to significant events in their life – the most important ones are numbers from dates of birth and numbers formed by a calculation from names.

My mission is to transform people’s destinies through my methods – Deste cards, Numerology and Theta healing therapies! Make an appointment for a personal consultation! Don’t leave your life to fortuitousness. Be the master of your destiny!

What topics can you ask Zoi ?

  • to find out about your future and forecasts
  • to find out if this partner in your personal life or business is suitable for you
  • to find out what the outcome of the situation will be if you continue the same way
  • to find out about your talents and what your mission is
  • to find out the truth in different situations (cheating, relationship problems, money situations)

Additionally, Zoi can find the cause of problems and make theta treatment to improve the situation and start feeling in a new way.

Zoi also makes rituals for attracting money, how to attract your other half, how to get rid of black and bad spells, and how to have health and serenity.

Zoi is a fortune teller of many “stars” and many celebrities turn to her for advice and direction, to make a special ritual or clear magic. She has awards and plenty of shows and guest appearances in the media.

How do you do this?
You make a payment and make an appointment, then you come with specific questions and she answers and gives direction and, if necessary, treatment or ritual.

Price for 30 minutes session – $149
Price for 1 hour session – $199


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