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Ksenia Muza

I met Ksenia Muza 15 years ago at a tantra seminar in France. Back then, she impressed me with her powerful femininity, beauty, and gentleness. Everything seemed to become beautiful and magical around her. I imagined her as a goddess, a healer, but it turned out that during that time, she was a businesswoman with her exclusive travel agency. Years passed, and she became the person I always expected her to be. She became an energy practitioner, healer, teacher of sacred feminine tantra, women’s mentor, author of retreats, and the Muse of famous people and celebrities.

Ksenia is 48 years old and has been exploring the topic of eternal youth for 12 years. That allows her to look young and beautiful.

She holds three higher education degrees – in Economic, Psychology, and Personal branding.

She has been through the schools of Larisa Renar, Margo Anand, Tony Robbins, Greg Braden, Deepak Chopra, Joe Dispenza, and Joe Vitale.

She has had two marriages and has two children.