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Natalia Kobylkina


Let’s Face our shadows together!

This marathon will be entirely therapeutic!

Prices start from $99 $39

Online | 03 February 2023

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Group of 6 People

Natalia K
5-day challenge

How to Increase Your Feminine Energy

Starts on February, 13th

Natalia K

Our Points


We work with the best and proven professionals in their field and highly value the quality of our training.


We are always honest with our clients and this allows us to have loyal clients for many years. We promise only what we can deliver.


We all take this activity as a mission and we serve to every one of our clients every day. We do it from all of our hearts and with much love.


All that happens in the academy remains there. We protect you as we protect ourselves.

Boutique approach

We are focused on the individual approach to work and this is the reason we are able to offer many individual consultations and therapies.

flexible conditions

Here everyone can take advantage of a service according to their financial capacity. We do hundreds of free consultations and therapies and our prices start from 20 US.

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Our Courses

Our Coaches

JOANNA LINGAMShamanic Coach, Female Trainer, Theta Healing Practioner
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Over the past 6 years Joanna has successfully worked with women from all walks of life to help them overcome limiting beliefs and traumas. For many clients this has led to a growth in business success, healthy relationships, self- confidence and financial abundance.
MOSES JOEL NALOCCAInternational Speaker & High Performance Consultant
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Moses is an International Keynote Speaker, Business Performance Coach & Entrepreneur. He was the top consultant for Success Resources, the world’s leading seminar organizer, supporting the growth of their best clients in events of Tony Robbins, Robert Kyosaki, Gary Vee and many more.
DAYANA BAKOProfessional Make Up Artist, Content Creator & Lecturer
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Makeup is a great invention of mankind! I realized this when I saw a friend of mine in the morning without makeup and was shocked at how much difference there was in her. I was still very young then and I asked her to do some makeup on me. When I was ready I walked down the street so proud and felt uniquely beautiful. I was 15!


Sarah Williams
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I just purchased 33 Days to The Dream. Really good so far! Natalia’s wisdom has helped me so much! Thank you. I have taken several of Natalia’s courses, including The Money Marathon and the recent online Geisha Marathon. I have learned so much from her wisdom and action-oriented approach. If you take any of her courses or read her books, expect your life to change for the better.
Patrick Walkshire
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Dear Natalia, I’m very grateful to the universe that it brought you to Bulgaria because there really is a large vacuum for a person who would lead and inspire people to achieve something real in their lives. You inspire countless women to find the strength and wisdom within. Thank you for personally helping me formulate and realise so many things about myself whilst the marathon was in progress. I’m very happy and grateful that you are here.
Maria Stewart
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I had a session with Natalia and she determined my energy for me and pointed out the mistakes ! She is BEYOND AMAZING when it comes to one to one work ! Natalia Kobylkina Is the REAL DEAL!
Rosa Mendez
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I’m very thankful for Finding Nathalia. I was so lost in masculine mode that I forgot what was to be a real woman and that of course created an unsatisfied life. I think that’s what we need most in this times where feminine energy is so misunderstood and getting lost in this patriarcal times, where woman is trying to compete with man and losing its place; that’s why I think this society is so unbalanced.

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