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Kalina Shtern

A certified coach, NLP master, and motivator, Kalina is a dedicated mother, wife, and advertising agency owner. Her Bachelor’s degree is in Finance, and her Master’s is in Financial Management. Over the years, she’s noticed the importance of personal growth and, consequently, grown increasingly interested in personal development.

In her personal sessions, Kalina focuses on:

  • Business coaching: business planning, business creation, strategizing, setting targets, planning the advertising process, and improving the team morale.
  • Establishing harmonious familial and romantic relationships: strengthening romantic relationships and building strong friendships.
  • Gaining self-confidence and a better sense of self-esteem,
  • Improving all your interpersonal relationships.
  • Motivating and supporting.

Happy customer reviews: 

  1. Your words gave me wings! Thanks to you, I began looking at the bright side, noticing all sorts of opportunities. Every day I think about boosting my self-confidence! You are a wonderful person!

  2. I would also like to thank Kalina Stern for her attention and energy! Kalina pushed all my buttons, motivating me and pushing me forward. Be as radiant as you are. Keep helping others achieve their goals!

  3. Hi dear, how are you? I am writing you regarding our coaching sessions. Thanks to you, I recognized I feared success. I also realized my tendency to procrastinate. Once we worked through these obstacles, I began employing new web designers and putting them to work. Thank you so much! I gained a great dose of self-confidence. I began doing more and talking less! Now all that’s left is that I make a schedule and plan all my upcoming projects, as they are all very different!

  4. Karina is a wonderful and positive person. Even before this life, she helped me with one of her methods for making decisions. Thanks to this, I’ve got the best job today!\

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