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Sevdalina Bikova

A monther-of-two, Sevdelina has lived abroad for over a decade. She lost her mother to cancer in 2018, only to then give birth prematurely and experience life as a parent of a sick child. That was when she met Natalia Kobylkina. She slowly stepped on the path of personal development, discovering her life’s mission–to be of service to women! She’s now a female coach, TEC / EFT master, and theta healing practitioner.

She specializes in different areas, including:

  • Relationships between mothers and children, as well as their unconscious models of behavior.
  • Locating conscious and unconscious traumas, blockages, chronic stress, fears, and negative convictions, as well as eliminating them.
  • Coping with unrecognized childhood traumas.
  • Unconscious models that mothers pass on to their children.
  • Feminine energy and personal development.

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