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Victoria Paul

Usually, many people begin to lose weight by abruptly changing their diet, giving up a lot of products, radically reducing the volume of portions and as a result, during the first months they lose weight suddenly. Unfortunately, sudden weight loss is not something that should make us happy. First – the weight returns as quickly as it was gone and second – the sudden weight loss is a serious stress for the body, which can trigger chronic diseases.

With sudden weight loss, you also lose muscle mass, which can make you feel tired and powerless and you don’t want your body to look soft and untoned.

It is a pleasure for me to help people regain their confidence, look better, to feel happier.

I am constantly surrounded by people who want to lose weight and look better. So I began to study very hard overweight and everything related to weight loss such as biology, chemistry and metabolism. This prompted me to enroll in my third education at the CNM College of Naturopathic medicine, which I successfully completed and practiced with the famous Dr. Mercola in America.

Since then, I have been helping people pick the right diet to get the shape they want and keep their weight in check. A proper diet should give you a feeling of satiety and protect your health. When you are on a special menu, it does not mean eating tasteless food and spending hours preparing it. I will show you how you should eat to lose weight without harming your health by consuming the calories that are right for you.

Preparation of an individual diet

  • 30 minutes consultation on Facetime, Skype or Viber, where we will meet, discuss a few questions, specify the goal and how long it will take to achieve it. We will discuss your dietary preferences, allergies, food intolerances, medications, and other aspects that are relevant to nutrition.
  • Preparation of the diet. You will receive a menu as a booklet with detailed instructions, recommendations, and a menu for 21 days. Each menu is prepared individually according to what you love and prefer to eat. Height, age, weight, and activity level are monitored. You can choose between menu options.
  • Tracking the achieved results for 1-month answers questions related to the individual menu and motivation. You can send emails with questions that interest you about the diet, which I will be happy to answer.
  • Report – I send you a special table where every day you will record what you ate and a report on whether you have trained + a measurement table once a week, which you will send me at the beginning of each week.

I promise you that I will do my best to help you achieve what you want. I will teach you how to lose weight so that you then look toned and sexy and achieve a long-term effect. I guarantee you for 30 days a change in the mirror if you promise me to fulfill all the conditions, namely to monitor and follow correctly the diet and all the set workouts. Everything will turn out much easier than you think.

Only you decide in which body to live your life!