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Lina Peeva

Lina is a certified NLP master, life coach, and personal development consultant. Lina, however, wears many hats. She’s also an experienced yoga teacher and a healthcare enthusiast, who can help you increase your energy and develop your feminine power. Lina has lived abroad for over 20 years. She relocated to Iceland at the age of 15, only to then move to Denmark to complete her education. Lina obtained her Bachelor’s in Tourism and International Marketing in Iceland and later earned her Master’s in Strategic Business Development (with a minor in Economics, Psychology, and Neurology) in Copenhagen.

In her personal sessions, Lina combines her knowledge of the spiritual practice of yoga with her abundant understanding of psychology to guide you through all sorts of scenarios, including:

  • How to become the best version of ourselves, develop our self-confidence, and establish a deep sense of self-love and inner trust.
  • How to form healthy relationships and set clear boundaries.
  • How to understand our own archetype and develop our femininity.
  • How to grow spiritually, become more self-aware, and achieve our goals.
  • How to take care of our physical bodies, eat right, and live long!

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