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Navigating Success

How Can You Build a Million-Dollar Business?
Your Guide to Business Development
Navigting Success

Being poor is a choice!

so is being wealthy. What do you choose?

In this book, Natalia Kobylkina gives you a tasty recipe for success. She teaches you how to start a business, turn it into an empire, and make millions in revenue. Page after page, you will discover fascinating personal anecdotes, learning from both Natalia’s experience, as well as that of her friends.

The book Navigating Success offers you foolproof formulas for managing your time and money, discovering your mission, and boosting both your charisma and your energy. In this book, she caters to both genders, showing them the differences between male and female behaviour in business.

For the first time ever Natalia shares the secrets behind her success!

What will you find in this book?

  • Methods for tuning into the flow of abundance.
  • The habits of the rich.
  • Rules for working with money.
  • The seven levels of wealth and why you should not skip any of them.
  • Discovering poverty’s programs.
  • How to ascend to a higher level.
  • The channel of money.
  • The differences between the poor and the rich.
  • Planning for wealth.
  • The seven steps of starting a business.
  • Influencing others.
  • Crafting a business plan.
  • Establishing personal branding.
  • Building a good team and fostering effective working processes.
  • Exercises, meditations, and homework tasks.

Being poor is a choice!

so is being wealthy. What do you choose?

Once you’ve read the book and completed the homework assignments, you will:

  • Have overcome emotional debt and lack of persistence.
  • Have earned the money you spent on this book.
  • Have understood how to sell effectively.
  • Have developed your will and courage.
  • Have discovered your inner potential and recognized what you can offer the world.
  • Have established habits for wealth.
  • Have stepped on the path of financial freedom.
  • Know how to manage and save money.
  • Be able to influence others.
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Navigting Success
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For greater enjoyment, you could also grab this in an eBook format. In that way, it will be within reach at all times, propelling you closer to success. This book is only accessed online and cannot be downloaded.

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