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Silvia Nikolaev

In Silvia’s view, personal growth is a long road without a final destination. Silvia continues to educate herself, gaining a plethora of qualifications from all sorts of organizations. She’s a licensed female consultant, constellation therapist, business mentor, emotional intelligence coach, and expert in the field of happy relationships. She’s also a yoga and pilates instructor who specializes in helping others navigate the work-life balance.

Silvia has lived in Germany since 1994, where she obtained a degree in economics. She’s worked as an economist in Airbus S.A.S., only to realize her true calling was wholly different. That’s when Silvia chose to start her own business and then collaborate with the non-profit organization Triaphon.

For Silvia, the purpose of life is to be happy. When you love yourself, she likes to say, you love everyone else. This assertion stands at the foundation of her trademark program Pheonix, which helps other women live up to their feminine potential.

Silvia is also a dedicated mother. She’s got tons of friends all over the world, just as she has dozens of Network Marketing Partners. She’s curious, radiant, and adventurous. She loves skiing, dancing the tango, and feeling the skin warm up her skin.

If you consult Silvia, you will sense her charisma, intuition, and empathy. You will notice her ability to enter your energetic field!

Grab the best coach! Consult Silvia and gain from her competency and experience.

Silvia speaks Bulgarian, English, and German.

Silvia can help you with:

  • Partnerships
  • Femininity:
  • Breakups and Divorce:
  • Raising Children:
  • Transformation:

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