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Halloween Sale

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Brew the New You

Amid talks of death and damnation, you should be thinking of transformation! There ain’t a better time than this to brew the new you. Follow this recipe for change and see it through.
Roast the Ghost
With ghosts and pumpkins on a platter, we forget the things that matter. Heal yourself today; keep the ghosts at bay! Say goodbye to childhood trauma and forgive your dearest mamma.
Your Relationship to Your Dad

Your Relationship to Your Dad

The Foundation to Your Love Life & Financial SuccessThe Foundation to Your Love Life & Financial Success


Don’t spook men! Spoon them instead.
Is there a bigger spook than a woman who never left the nook? No need to be a nun, you’ve just gotta learn to stun! Enchant a man or two… then, you may even get a new bijoux!
Gulp a Potion for Success
Being in business can be frightening unless you find some courses enlightening. Still, with the right skills in place, you can do it all with grace. Prepare to be a feminine leader now, and I will show you how!

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