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Female Pleasure

Uncovering Orgasmic Sensations

Many women around the world have trouble in their intimate life, and a lot of them have never experienced any kinds of orgasm. Be honest with yourself when reading this…
Natalia K
If you want to enjoy intimacy more and make your secret fantasies come true, say Yes.

The program "Female Pleasure: Uncovering Orgasmic Sensations" is about working with the body and the mind, as orgasms are born in the head. You will learn to immerse yourself in your sensory experiences and overcome the barriers that prevent you from reaching orgasm.

This program will give you clarity and help you:

Understand what might be stopping you from fully enjoying your segguality.

Let go of negative thoughts and things that hold you back from relaxing during intimate moments.

Heal emotional hurts and learn how to “switch off” your mind and thoughts when being intimate.

This program is perfect for you if you:

Here are key aspects of what you will learn:

  • Understanding what an orgasm is and its distinction from sexual pleasure.
  • l Gaining familiarity with the psychological and physiological facets of orgasm, including its various types.
  • l Recognizing the significance of combining body and mind work.
  • l Uncovering the impact of psychological trauma on intimacy and discovering inner resources to overcome it.
  • l Learning methods to reshape negative attitudes and constraints linked to intimacy.
  • l Engaging in the practice of biodynamic breathing for profound healing of psychological trauma.
  • l Discovering the origins of desire, arousal, and orgasm, and mastering techniques to cultivate them.
Natalia K

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Price: $99


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