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From Enemies to Engines of Progress

Are you ready to take your emotional intelligence to the next level? Are you ready to gain control over your triggers? Are you ready to become the epitome of cool and calm? Well, in that case, you're just in the right place!

Here comes my newest webinar, Empowering Your Emotions: Master the Art of Emotional Intelligence!

Just this month, this webinar will serve as your key towards a happier, healthier, and more mindful life! Join us and learn how to:

“I often get asked about the reason behind my success. Most think it’s hard work and fortune, and I guess it’s a bit of both. But, above all, I owe my success–in relationships, friendships, business–to one thing: high emotional intelligence.”
– Natalia Kobylkina –

But you still may not be certain this is the right webinar for you… Don’t worry–I get you. Over 50,000 people have participated in my trainings, and many of them have been worried before starting out. But, once they start, there ain’t no stopping! The key is finding the program that SUITS your needs and desires. And this program is perfect for a deeply polarized and anxious society like ours!

This webinar is perfect for those of you who have…
  • Struggled to remain cool and objective under pressure;
  • Failed to recognise and manage your emotions, leading ot outbursts or a sense of being out of control;
  • Experienced misunderstandings due to poor communication and inability to empathise with others;
  • Felt misunderstood by others and tarnished by your relationships;
  • Lost motivation and procrastinated, crippled by emotions like fear and self-doubt;
  • Had difficulties setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ to others;
  • Been unable to forgive and instead held onto grudges;
  • Unconsciously refused to accept constructive criticism and hindered your personal and professional growth;
  • Cannot read the room, missing nonverbal cues and misunderstanding the social context, thus leading to misunderstandings, misinterpretation, and inappropriate behaviour;
  • Allowed emotions to cloud your judgement and faced challenges with decision-making;
  • Simply want to grow more emotionally intelligent, read people better, build stronger relationships, and thrive in all areas of your life!

By the end of this program, you’ll not only have mastered the art of emotional intelligence.

You’ll have learned how to navigate challenging situations with skill, ease, and grace, masterfully reading the room and emphasizing with people.

I promise you’ll leave feeling confident and empowered, fully in control of yourself and your emotions. You’ll finally know that emotions aren’t something that is there to torment you; on the contrary, they can be your best friend as long as you learn how to approach them!
Tassya Tasova
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I feel great. I always learn so much at Natalia’s events. I always understand how to improve and develop myself.
Yanina Kesinkova
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I’m very satisfied with this experience. I admire Natalia. I feel great--charged with energy and more aware of myself.
Kalina Lenkova
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This is my first time attending a seminar by Natalia. I thought it was very helpful and interesting. I learned some very valuable things; I am just 21, and I am yet to have relationships with men.
Magdalena Tzoneva
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I feel great! Natalia’s events recharge my energy and motivate me. I’ve understood so many things about myself--and learned what relationships would be good for me.
Silvia Miteva
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I’m beyond impressed; I’ve been following Natalia for many years, but this was the first program of hers that I attended.
Stanimira Chakarova
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I feel great, I learned so much about myself at Relationships: A to Z. This was my first event with Natalia, and I loved it. I booked my tickets for her VIP Geisha Program.
Basic Bundle

From $99 

Hurry! You’ve only got limited-time to sign up for this program. Spots are filling out like mad, and YOU don’t want to let this chance to become emotionally intelligent slip. Claim your spot before others steal it.


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