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Ritual for love with Zara Atanasova

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Why this ritual for love is for you....

  • Love – everyone dreams of this beautiful feeling.
  • But not everyone can achieve it.
  • The ritual influences our subconsciousness reduces our fears and raises our vibration.
  • Bonus: Meditation to attract love
  • Bonus: drawing of several Deste cards after meditation

What will you learn?

This is the strongest vibration in the world.

  • How to create a field to attract love into our lives?
  • How to have responsive love?
  • How to cleanse our hearts of fear of love?
  • Over time, people lose their faith in love after pain and disappointment…
  • In the old days, this ritual was used by people as a powerful tool to attract and retain the right loved one by themselves.

Needed items:

  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 medium-sized white coffee cup with a handle
  • 2 rings – ordinary marriage rings
  • 1 pink ribbon

Who is it for?

This is a ritual for everyone who wants to know more about love. It is also suitable for people who have experienced pain in their love life and wish to renew this feeling!

What's the program?

  • Ritual for love that is a meaningful and personal experience.
  • The duration of the ritual is 1 hour.

Who is the trainer?

Zara Atanasova

Theta-Healer, Deste cards Teller according to the Greek system, numerologist and the clairvoyant of celebrities, removes black magical and helps with rituals for money and attracting partners. From a very young age, Zoi had the talent to predict the future. She went through a serious illness and nobody knew if she would survive, she was left alone in a hospital and despite the poor prognosis, she survived. What helped her was the faith in God, prayers and meditations. After her recovery, she acquired the talent…

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