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High-Value Men


High-Value Women!

This special workshop is five days.


This workshop is great for women who want to attract and keep a high-value man.

This workshop is for women who settle for nothing but the best.

This workshop is for women who wish to increase their value and adopt new strategies to achieve success.

This workshop is for women who desire to reflect on their past experiences, let them go, and connect to their higher selves!

The workshop includes 5 lectures



Day One

3 scenarios of “emancipated” women. How can you be so “cool” and so alone at the same time?

The enemy to attraction! Why do you find it increasingly harder to find “the right man” as you age?

5 signs of the man you cannot be happy with

Exercise: activating your feminine magnetism.

A compelling homework task!

Day Two

Why do relationships reach a stalemate: 3 types of relationships?

How to change the 6 relationships models that dissatisfy women?

4 types of women high-value men never like.

The secret of the high-value woman: why do high-value men want to be with her?

Women who attract problematic partners: mistakes and methods for change.

Day Three

Why do passionate men lose interest? The truth behind “chemistry”

Distinguishing between men with serious intentions and men who are “in” for short-term fun

How to be irreplaceable? 5 steps to make a man fall in love with us.

How could we make men go “all in?” 5 qualities of the high-value woman.

Homework: techniques for enchanting men.

✨Bonus! The questions that make men fall in love with you.

Day Four

Why do men lose interest? The 2 biggest mistakes women make in the beginning of new relationships

How can we unlock men’s generosity? The formula to getting your partner to buy you presents and invest in your relationship

Why do men earn more when dating a high-value woman? The secrets of high-value women.

Why do men fulfill the wishes of one partner and ignore the desires of another?

Bonus! Tips and tricks for the ideal date

Day Five

How do you avoid being lied to? The characteristics of high-value men.

4 mistakes that destroy your reputation as a woman.

Popular myths and limitations that prevent you from wanting more

What types of women do high-value men marry?

How to become valuable to high-value men?

Bonus! How to seduce with your voice?

Groups & Fees

Basic Bundle

Recorded Workshop
$ 289
  • 5x90-minute recorded sessions:
  • Course materials
  • Practical exercises
  • Course books and movies
  • Meditations and practices from 33 Days to the Dream
  • Free e-book! 33 Days to the Dream