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promotions up to -80%

till november 30th

promotions up to -70%

till november 30th

In this black week (without an end), we are…


More knowledgeable than the CIA.

More efficient than the FBI.

More feminine than all!

And we are looking for a few good women. 

Will you be one of us?


Finish your training by streaming any of our trademark programs.


Wondering where to start? Why don’t you complete the first part of your training by streaming one of our marathons, each of which lasts between 5 and 10 hours?

Promo Bundle: Be the Queen

It’s time to unleash it and live the regal life! The majesty within is that version of yourself that is dignified, well-mannered, self-assured, and always pursuing self-interest. You may not be born a Queen (or a King!), but you can become the Queen (or King!) others fall in love with.

From the Backup Plan to “The Only One”

Every woman can become the ONE for her man, without having to exert extraordinary efforts. Most ladies simply don't understand how to maintain successful relationships with their loved ones. Instead of happiness, they end up with a broken heart.

From Loneliness to a Happy Relationship

Use the technique for seven minutes of happiness a day! Take 7 minutes every day and imagine what you want and how it happens to you and see it in detail. And, in case you are looking for a partner in crime, don’t miss the final part of this stage of training: your blooming love life!

Well, now that we’ve gone over this, why don’t you move to the second part of your training as a WOMAN IN BLACK? Grab any of these online courses for up to -80% OFF! Тhis is a steal, I know!

Celebrate my birthday with me throughout November! To mark the occasion, I’m offering exclusive, one-on-one private sessions at a special rate from $600 to $300. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect, learn, and make the most of this limited-time offer.
Let’s make my birthday month extra special together!

Hurry up! You can only thrive as a WOMAN IN BLACK UNTIL november 30th! Don’t miss your chance to become one of us! Offset your transformation in this Black Week!

Great deals, great courses, great women.

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