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Transformational Workshop – Empowering Women’s Wellbeing 

Women's Practices, Meditations and Hypnosis

My life took a 180-degree turn after I started engaging in feminine practices and meditations. The impact amazed me, even though, initially, I doubted such remarkable results were possible. Suddenly, I found myself filled with boundless energy, waking up before sunrise, and staying creative without a hint of exhaustion until nightfall.

It's no wonder that men are captivated by women who radiate such energy, melting like ice cream in the sun. Her magnetic aura makes them act like enthusiastic puppies, showering her with care, attention, and love. Trust me, feminine practices play a vital role in connecting with happiness and ensuring it remains a constant presence. Only then will you feel truly successful and fulfilled with all your heart.


Feminine energy possesses an immensely powerful flow, provided you understand how to unlock and channel it correctly

A feminine power lies in three fundamental aspects:

The capacity to accumulate energy within her womb and transmit it to the world and her partner.

The ability to live with a vibrant and loving heart, spreading light and love to those around her.

The gift of being in tune with the flow, sensing her intuition and connection with the Universe.

This online program will focus on helping women amplify their energy centers (chakras) and unleash their hidden power.

The Inner World

The "Inner World" Practice

Would you like to radiate positive energy and brightness to those around you? Have you encountered women whose presence seems to exude light, and people even compete to be close to them? These radiant women inspire those around them. Everything seems to flow effortlessly and smoothly for them. They possess a charm and allure like little fairies, as if they don't walk on the ground but gracefully flutter with wings.

Energy Waterfall

"Energy Waterfall" Practice

This practice offers a strong energy boost, relieves headaches, and eases tension in the body. It effectively clears away the challenges and issues accumulated throughout the day, while greatly reducing negative energy and toxic influences.

Opening to the World

Practice "Embracing the World"

Women with a captivating presence not only have the power to attract but also maintain an openness to wonders, new knowledge, and adventures. They feel a deep connection with the Universe.

pure dew

Morning Practice "Pure Dew"

How to wake up early - without an alarm? How to be filled with strength and energy from the moment you open your eyes in the morning? How to set your day right and be in a resourceful state to achieve your boldest desires.

"Cleopatra's Dream"

Nighttime Practice "The sleep of Cleopatra"

Discover how to prepare your body for deep sleep and achieve a completely relaxed state of mind. Restful sleep is an essential element for beauty and harmony in every woman's life. Keep in mind that as you take a good nighttime rest, you are filled with energy and strength for creating a remarkable life.


Practice "Rebirth"

Discover how to become a more empowered woman and transform your energy instantly. Learn how to embrace new qualities, open up to receiving abundance, and feel the blessings of the Universe.

After completing the program, you'll feel a profound sense of femininity, lightness, beauty, and abundant energy! Only a woman with such qualities can revitalize herself, provide support to her family, and inspire those around her.

To participate, you will need a quiet environment, comfortable clothing, candles, and a deep inner desire to embrace your womanhood.

Powerful Meditations and Erickson Hypnotherapy

Recently, I began practicing meditation. I've always been curious about those who practice it but was convinced that I might not be capable of managing it myself. My skepticism led me to believe that meditation wasn't suitable for me. However, witnessing the remarkable transformations in others, I finally made up my mind to give it a shot too.

The changes happened very quickly. Events that hadn't occurred for years began unfolding one after another. This made me curious about why it was working so well, and I came to several conclusions:

How does meditation work from the perspective of neuroscience:


In this course, we will practice meditations for inner harmony, abundance, and happiness every day.

Each meditation will last for 40 minutes, followed by 20 minutes of sharing and self-reflection.

Empowering Female Practices

Price: $129


Powerful Meditations and Erickson Hypnosis

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Price: $129



Women’s Practices, Meditations, and Hypnosis
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