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Recorded Workshop

From the backup plan to “The Only One”

If you follow my advice, very soon your dream will become a reality!

Every woman can become the ONE for her man, without having to exert extraordinary efforts. Most ladies simply don't understand how to maintain successful relationships with their loved ones. Instead of happiness, they end up with a broken heart.

As a psychologist with over 22 years of experience and having helped thousands of women, I can categorically state two things:


You have everything necessary to achieve the desired relationships with your dream partner.


If you learn to harness your natural femininity correctly, you will be able to attract fulfilling relationships without sacrificing or suffering.

Most women encounter enormous challenges when it comes to love! It is so sad and disappointing. Relationships should bring ease and tranquility, rather than hinder the gentle hearts of women.

Why is it so difficult to have loving relationships?

From a young age, we have been accustomed to believing that we need to fight, charm, and seduce men, almost begging for them to choose us. Elevating our partner to a pedestal and attributing superhuman qualities to men puts their persona in a position of greater importance than women. That is why it is inevitable that we end up disappointed in the end.

Has it ever happened to you:

If so, you're not alone! 99% of women face these problems. Men can break a woman's heart with the snap of their fingers. When men don't value their partners, they don't even bother explaining why they act that way and leave without apologies.

As a psychologist and a woman, I have discovered three main reasons why men don't want serious relationships with you:

You have unresolved childhood traumas, low self-esteem as a woman, lack of feminine energy and underdeveloped sensuality within you.

You have a lack of understanding of male psychology, lack experience and knowledge in building relationships.

You are still suffering from past relationships and you are unable to let go of negative experiences with your exes.

Once we address these issues, happy relationships will become your normal reality.

What will we do in the program?

Over the course of 5 days, we will work with your psyche, using psychological methods, family constellations, meditations and provocative psychotherapy.

Day 1: Preparing the Ground for New Relationships

happy woman

When we want to attract true love into our lives, we need to prepare the foundation properly. At this stage we will begin to:

Constellation practice: “Me and Love”

Healing meditation: “Clearing the old patterns, creating a new loving field, and inviting happy relationships into our lives.”

Day 2: Vibration of Love and Happiness

Throughout this module, you will learn:

Constellation practice: “Me and My Partner”

Healing meditation: “Longings of my heart and unlocking the ability for intimacy and love”

Day 3: Seguality and how to enjoy unique intimacy at the begging

Most men don’t give a second chance for the first seggual encounter. If things don’t go well in bed the first time and you need time to adjust, often he won’t seek a “rematch” after the debut. It’s time to:

Constellation practice: “Me and my sensuality”

Healing meditation: “Unlocking my sensuality and embrace my natural femininity”

Day 4: Transitioning from “friends with benefits” to a Relationship

During this important module, you will learn:

Constellation practice: “Me and My Intimacy”

Healing meditation: “Opening my heart for love and relationships”

Day 5: How to Develop Those Relationships and Become The One

This module is dedicated to teaching you:

Constellation practice: “Me and My Happy Family”

Transformational Meditation: “I am the one for my partner”

The course is:

Do you want to be the only One?

Everyone of you who signs up for the Workshop From Back Up Plan to the Only One untill 10th of August receives a special gifts - The Goddess in You workshop (value $129) where you will have also 5 lectures each x 1 hour long and the Upcoming webinar (value $49) - How to Receive Gifts, Love, and Attention from Men?

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Diamond Plan
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