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Fan Your Life with Our Cool Summer Deals!
Fan Your Life with Our Cool Summer Deals!

Breeze into the Summer with our Turbulent Sales

Love, happiness, pleasure, and healing… They matter to us all, don’t they? We want to find love, whether a fling or a long-lasting romance. We want to experience joy and live happily. We want to feel pleasure, whether one from food or from much spicier activities. And, finally, we all want to heal, as healing gives us freedom.

Recognizing our needs can be united under a shared umbrella, I’ve decided to offer you five categories of summer sales. Now’s your time to season your life.  Pick one (or more) of these flavours:





Become the Perfect Woman

Personal session

Of course, in case you want more personal attention, feel free to book a personal session with me, Natalia Kobylkina, and tackle your individual blockages, issues, and limiting beliefs. 

SALE: from $500 to $350

This is your chance to get individual attention and personalized advice on any topic that troubles you. Within just one session, you will change your mindset, attract miracles, and solve problems you thought were absolutely unsolvable. 

This is not just therapy. This is transformation.


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