Healing the inner child with Nina Kovalyova

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This session is perfect for you because...

  • Maybe you ask yourself:
  • “What to do with all of this stress?”
  • Working with your inner child will help with each of these states and emotions.
  • We will study the causes of his wounds, heal them with love and care, and henceforth treat them with care.

What will you learn?

  • You will understand how to act when:
  • you notice that you often get insulted by relatives and other people.
  • if resentment is your usual way of reacting to situations where your expectations are not met.
  • you take offense when you feel an unfair, undeserved estimate towards you.
  • the indignation arises suddenly and it is difficult for you to control your feelings, it is easier to hide, to go, to get out of contact with the offender.
  • you carry a lot of insults inside you

Who is it for?

  • For people who:
  • are afraid of not meeting someone’s expectations and being yourself
  • are afraid of making mistakes
  • are in dire need of praise and recognition
  • if this is impossible for you, it is scary to meet criticism
  • it’s hard for you to say no
  • often resort to demonstrative behavior, manipulation
  • are not happy with yourself and demand too much of yourself
  • are focused on the opinion of others
  • have strong feelings of shame towards yourself or your family
  • have strong feelings of guilt or envy
  • are unworthy of your partner and he may one day leave you
  • have misunderstandings or problems in finding contact with your own children.
  • children (yours or others) make you feel strong emotions such as anger, jealousy, envy, and others

What's the program?

  • The program will help you:
  • if in your relationship jealousy is your frequent companion
  • if you are addicted to love
  • if you lose yourself in a relationship, adjust to your partner’s needs.
  • if you are obsessively afraid of losing a person or being abandoned and rejected.
  • if you have other obsessive fears.
  • you are often offended and want to leave, to hide.
  • you are afraid of losing your freedom in relationships, you do not have enough personal territory.
  • if you are afraid to start new projects.
  • if you are afraid to enter into new relationships and meet people.
  • you do not have enough joy in life and desire for change
  • you do not have enough creativity
  • you don’t find life interesting
  • you feel a drop in energy

Who is the trainer?

Nina Kovalyova

Master of Psychology, Therapist, Lecturer, Mandala Method Training Training: St. Petersburg Institute of Psychology and Acmeology, qualification: psychologist, psychology lecturer. Training of coaches at the St. Petersburg Instructor School at the Humanitarian Technology Center “Soul” 2010 - 2011. Training "The basics of psychological correction of eating disorders by the method "Doctor Bormental" at the International Medical Psychological Association "Doctor Bormental" 2013. Training of coaches of “The Scarlet sails" at Larisa Renar's "Academy of Private Life" 2014. Training "Mandala” method in psychological practice", Institute of Practical…

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Recorded Webinar



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