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The Path of the Happy Woman

our Transformational 100-day Program

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My dearest ladies,

The time has come. It is time we remembered why we diverged from the path of the happy woman. Why did we do it? Why did you do it? Whatever your reason was, the Path of the Happy Woman is still there, awaiting you. All you need to do is return to it.

“But how?” you may ask. I will show you how.

Since 2009, my team and I have been teaching women how to become happier, healthier, and better-situated in their personal and professional lives. In 2022, for the first time ever, we decided to combine all our knowledge and deliver it over the course of 100 days, in our newest program “The Path of the Happy Woman.”

Is this familiar….

“I am exhausted. I am tired of being the strong one – of always relying on myself.”

“I am divorced, and I have children. It feels like nothing good will ever happen to me again.”

“I am miserable in my relationship. However, I am scared of divorce. I also worry that I’d attract the same type of man – problematic, selfish, and insufferable.”

“I’m sick of weak men! All men around me are just… weak! I feel like there are no worthy bachelors at this point.”

“I seem to be repeating my parents’ mistakes, living their life – just a few decades later. I am turning into my mother! That is driving me crazy!”

“I’m doing fine – well even. Yet, as there is always something to be improved, I want to traverse the Path of the Happy Woman to become a better version of myself. There’s always something to be learned!”

What will we do?
  • We will reflect on the past and heal childhood trauma.
  • We will do women’s constellations to unleash your divine feminine energy.
  • We will do women’s energetic practices, transformative meditations, and rituals.
  • We will explore different ways to improve your intimate life and get more orgasms.
  • We will discuss psychology to help you understand how to be a happier woman – and how to understand men and so much more…
Why is this program effective?
  • This program combines the best women’s practices – which we know are effective, as we’ve been applying them since 2009.
  • This program motivates you to take action. The homework tasks it assigns will help you recognize unfruitful models of behavior and start acting in a completely new manner.
  • This program includes talks from experts and guest-lecturers.
  • As complex and well-rounded as it is, this program covers all important aspects of a woman’s life.
  • This program offers a balance of theoretical training, women’s practices, meditations, constellations, homework tasks, and personal sessions with talented coaches.
Over the course of these 100 days, you will:
  • Unleash and strengthen your divine feminine energy. You will enter the flow of softness, ease, and acceptance.
  • Use constellations to connect with your “inner woman.” In this way, you will liberate her and begin to freely enjoy your feminine energy.
  • Unlock your sensuality and learn how to get more orgasms. You will also understand how you can give your partner pleasure.
  • Learn male psychology. This will reduce the likelihood you’ll ever misunderstand men again and help you lead a more conflict-free life with your partner.
  • Realize how you can establish fruitful relationships with men.
  • Overcome fears of abandonment, betrayal, or loneliness. You will no longer worry you’d be cheated on by every man you let in.
  • Understand how you can be your man’s “one and only.”
  • Cope with your internal fears and triumph over your anxiety. You will start loving the most important person in your life – yourself.
  • Become charged with powerful energy. You will no longer say things like “I am exhausted” or “I live like everyone else, following the path society outlined for me.” You will step on your own path.
  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs and move forward as a happy, healthy, and brave individual

Thanks to this program, you will:

  • Enter a magical state – one which will drive you to believe “I am a happy woman. I am soft, tender, and accepting.”
  • Feel a lot happier and more confident.
  • Start attracting your dreams more easily.
  • Begin receiving with ease.
  • Align yourself with your body and strengthen your sensuality.
  • Become a magnet for men. You will start receiving attention and gifts, and your presence will be the biggest present a man can wish for!
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for a happy relationship.
  • Allow a worthy man to stand by your side – or motivate your man to finally start acting right!
Natalia Kobylkina

Program Schedule: 24 lessons, each lasting 60 minutes. Over the course of 14 weeks, we will have a total of 24 hours together. I will give you just a hint of what will be covered:

1. Men and women: default condition and life mission.

2. Male psychology: understanding men in detail.

3. The mother: establishing a relationship with your mother.

4. The father: changing your attitude towards your father.

5. Working through trauma: techniques and practices for healing trauma.

6. Reawakening your strength and confidence: feeling heard and valued.

7. Establishing a happy family: the principles you need to know to have a happy family.

8. Women’s family constellations: constellations to help you strengthen your female kin.

These are some of the topics, we know, cover all a woman needs to know to transform from a girl into a happy woman! Twice a week, we will meet for an hour to work on program content. Please note that sometimes, depending on the chosen topic and the questions that arise, we may spend up to three hours a week together.

WOW and here is more before you select your bundle:

Bonus! For the first 100 people who register: Mandala dance & cleansing your feminine Lono! 

+ 3 guest lecturers, the topics of whose lectures will be a surprise!

The first week of this program is FREE!

Basic Bundle

Recorded Workshop
$ 349 SAVE $651
  • 24 webinars, each worth $99
  • 24 homework tasks & assignment
  • The new e-book "33 days to the dream" by Natalia Kobylkina

Here’s what others say about me and my work:

Rosa Mendez
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I’m very thankful for Finding Nathalia. I was so lost in masculine mode that I forgot what was to be a real woman and that of course created an unsatisfied life. I think that’s what we need most in this times where feminine energy is so misunderstood and getting lost in this patriarcal times, where woman is trying to compete with man and losing its place; that’s why I think this society is so unbalanced.
Patrick Walkshire
Read More
Dear Natalia, I’m very grateful to the universe that it brought you to Bulgaria because there really is a large vacuum for a person who would lead and inspire people to achieve something real in their lives. You inspire countless women to find the strength and wisdom within. Thank you for personally helping me formulate and realise so many things about myself whilst the Workshop was in progress. I’m very happy and grateful that you are here.
Sarah Williams
Read More
I just purchased 33 Days to The Dream. Really good so far! Natalia’s wisdom has helped me so much! Thank you. I have taken several of Natalia’s courses, including The Money Workshop and the recent online Geisha Workshop. I have learned so much from her wisdom and action-oriented approach. If you take any of her courses or read her books, expect your life to change for the better.
Maria Stewart
Read More
I had a session with Natalia and she determined my energy for me and pointed out the mistakes ! She is BEYOND AMAZING when it comes to one to one work ! Natalia Kobylkina Is the REAL DEAL!

Let’s traverse the Path of the Happy Woman together!
You’ve got nothing to lose - nothing other than the chance to be happier and to be loved!


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