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Repetitive Cycles or a Brand New Life: It’s Up to You.

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Repetitive Cycles or a Brand New Life: It’s Up to You.

Do you sometimes wonder, “Why do the same things keep happening to me?”

Do you loiter without intent? Do you struggle to discover who you truly are? Do you fail to recognise your greatest inner resources?

Unfortunately, many ladies find themselves at a crossroads; yet, none of the potential paths seems good enough. The lack of “suitable” options only further reinforces their inner turmoil.

The truth is that our confusion and existential turmoil often stem from our parents and grandparents. You know that perfect parents do not exist. Perfect people don’t exist! Neither the parents nor their children are ever perfect.

We cannot protect our children from all sources of childhood trauma, no matter how perfect we try to be. Being trauma-free is impossible. We’ve all fallen prey to trauma; yet, while some find their inner power and heal, others spend entire lifetimes in the role of a victim.

Fleeing the vicious grip of trauma requires rewriting our personal story. To free ourselves from pain and the past, we must exchange our past beliefs and models of behaviour for new ones. We must find a way to step into the future with our divine power.

Here are the key aspects of rewriting our personal story:

  • We should take full responsibility for our life. We cannot live happily from the position of a victim.
  • We should determine what’s a recurring problem in our life, whether physical, romantic, professional, or financial.
  • We should recall and write our thoughts, beliefs, and memories. When did everything begin? What was your most traumatic moment? Why did you react the way you did? How have you attempted to heal?
  • Now, we should rewrite our story. Write it the way you wish it had happened.
  • Finally, we should read our new story out loud. This is how we can rewire our minds. This is how we can gain faith in this new life of ours! Remember: by changing one aspect of your life, you’re changing a lot more than that. Change ricochets in all areas of Being. It enables you to adopt new tangible or intangible things that correspond to your new beliefs and behaviours.

This technique, I know, is as effective as they come.

Even so, many people struggle to complete it, rewrite their stories, and escape their painful pasts and traumas. They just loiter. They loom over their future, never actually stepping into it.

Trust me, we all need some help. As I already established, no one is born perfect. It’s therefore best to rely on a professional who can help you face and overcome your traumas and stumblingblocks. We all need someone to guide us on the path to healing!

This is why my Geisha Program has been the most sought-after course I’ve ever created. This marathon has helped hundreds of thousands of women worldwide. It’s no wonder it’s my best-selling program!

Yes, Geisha 1 and Geisha 2 are the foundation of a happy life. I even have clients who’ve passed these programs more than once, discovering new things about themselves every time.

I’ve now also created a continuation to these programs–Geisha 3 will be finally here soon.

Heal. Embrace your femininity. Become confident in your value as a woman. Turn into a Geisha with me.

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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