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Toxic Mothers 

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Toxic Mothers 

Toxic mothers, unfortunately, have the power to destroy our lives. There are different types of toxic mothers: 

1.     Cold mothers: such mothers are cold, distant, and uncaring. These women are often too focused on their own problems (such as financial struggles, romantic challenges, or the death of a loved one). No matter what you do, this type of mother will not care. As an adult, you may start looking for cold men, trying to appease them the same way you tried to appease your mother. Men who give you even a tiny bit of attention can easily manipulate you. 

2.     Bad mothers: such mothers are aggressive and abusive. They made you feel like you’re not good enough. As a result, you attract sadistic, tyrannical men, who are often abusive. You will not feel good with men who are good to you; rather, you will keep searching for “evil” men, all to satisfy your masochistic cravings. 

3.     Dependent mothers: such mothers fail to provide for themselves and their children. They’re unable to protect you when needed. They’re in the position of a victim. They’ve made you feel as if you’re the mother, not the child. If your mother was like this, you will inevitably find men who are incapable, weak, and in need of assistance. 

4.     Missing mothers: such mothers either passed away or abandoned you. Throughout your entire life, you’ve felt the lack of your mother. This, unfortunately, will continue in your romantic life. You will attract unavailable partners: those who live abroad, have other relationships or are simply unwilling to commit. Deep down, you won’t be allowing yourself to let people in. 

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