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The Power of Books

Many people say they enjoy reading books. Some will even note that’s their favourite pastime. Why is that the case? Have you ever thought about this?

There’s just one way to experience the stories of others, as well as your own story, again and again. It’s through books.

As Romain Rolland, “People don’t read books; they read themselves through books.”

Books are both an escape and salvation. They’re the weapon that our souls use to introspect and grow.

If you’re still unsure whether reading books will help you do so, let me shed some light on the matter:

  • Reading helps you release stress. Many studies have shown that reading an interesting book is a sure way to relax. According to these studies, reading is more effective at stress relief than music, walks, or drinking coffee. Test subjects reduced their stress levels by a significant margin.
  • Reading books helps with insomnia. Reading books is one of the best ways to quiet your mind and prepare for sleep. Unlike the effects of spending time staring at a mobile screen, the effects of reading books are soothing.
  • Reading books strengthens your mind. As studies have indicated, we grow more knowledgeable with every book we read. Some scientists have even argued that reading helps create new neural connections in the brain.
  • Reading books helps us answer personal questions and overcome adversity with greater ease. The more we read, the more scenarios we know of. This enables us to proceed in a better manner once we experience the same scenarios in our personal life.
  • Reading books makes us more creative. Books were proven to increase the readers’ creative abilities.
  • Reading books makes us more eloquent. Readers are better storytellers than non-readers. They’re also more adept at filtering through useless information and presenting a story in the most elaborate manner.

Because I want you, my readers, to get the best out of life, I am offering you the chance to read my books. I guarantee you that this is the best way to expand your worldview and reach for your dreams. I also promise you that by reading these books, you will be able to incite many positive changes in your life and transform your reality. Even better, you can do so without having to carry actual books! All my books are available in an e-format, making it easier for you to return them at any time. Isn’t that just amazing?

To read more about love, life, and femininity, check out my book 33 Days to the Dream.

To learn about wealth, success, and business, grab my new book Navigating Success: Your Guide to Business Development.

Happy reading!

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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