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How to Become a Magnet for Great Things? 

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How to Become a Magnet for Great Things? 

As I’ve learned over the years, our ability to attract great things into our life is connected to our fears. If you’re very afraid of something, you can rest assured you will not only not attract what you desire but also manifest dreadful events in your life. 

Here are some practical tips that can help you become a magnet for great things: 

1.     Stop being depressed! Yes, I know this may sound a bit harsh, but hear me out: stop pitying yourself and complaining. Keep yourself in a positive mind space. 

2.     Notice what triggers you. What do you blame? What are you unable to accept? What are you unable to forgive? Unless you heal what triggers you, unless you understand why you are unable to accept certain thoughts/tendencies/behaviours, you will never be able to heal your life. 

3.     Don’t aim for perfection. No one is perfect! You cannot spend your days worrying about everything. This only drains your energy, preventing you from achieving your dreams. 

4.     Be open and curious. Be interested in life and its people. The more curious you become, the more you want to learn about yourself and others, the better your life will get. 

5.     Live at a high vibration. Check out my course on the same topic: LIVING AT A HIGH VIBRATION. 

6.     Heal your relationship with your parents. If you suffered a lot from your dad, you will attract people like him. If you struggled with your mother, you will attract people like her. 

7.     Start making yourself happy today. Start saying you love people. Start pleasing yourself. Start improving yourself! 

You attract what you want when you do what you want—and when you love yourself. As a magnet for great things, you won’t only be happy and healthy; you will also find great opportunities and enjoy life! You will be confident, self-assured, and kind. You will live more happily, seeing everything as a part of the bigger picture. Don’t miss this chance to become a magnet for greatness today! 

And, to do so, here are some key takeaways: 

–       If you’re in the position of a victim, you will attract tyrants. 

–       If you have lots of insecurities, you will attract narcissists. 

–       If you’re very traumatised, you will attract problematic partners. 

To change your life, you’ve got to change yourself first. Welcome to Geisha 1 and the Path of the Happy Woman where we will do just that. 


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