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Autumn has already been here for a long time, painting the world in shades of amber and rust, as we embrace the cozy comforts of this tranquil season. With it, it seems like we're experiencing a sense of loss, that something has departed. In the meantime, winter is slowly approaching around the corner with the happy jingle bells and ho-hos in the beginning of the Holiday season! Winter is your time.

In this cozy and festive month, DECEMBER, I offer you a journey that will take you to your more happy, beautiful and confident self!

Here are the important places we will stop at:

Topic 1


Break free from codependent relationships

Love addiction is a condition where the loss of a loved one, for any reason, feels like the end of the world. It's a feeling of being unable to envision life without them, waiting for their return, and hoping they'll realize your specialness and their inability to live without you. This constant hope can consume your valuable time.

The issue is that even if you part ways with that person, without altering your patterns, you might find yourself in similar relationships over time, and the cycle begins anew.


It’s time to stop dissolving in your partner and rediscover healthy love without dependence!

Break free from codependent relationships

Price from $69 to $29

Topic 2


How to be sexy and elegant for the Holidays with a London Celebrity Stylist

Each of us aspires to experience beauty and uniqueness during the upcoming Holiday season. Unfortunately, financial constraints sometimes create the perception that we cannot afford the elegance we crave. But worry not! With a professional stylist, trained at the premier fashion university in England, by your side, this becomes a non-issue. We'll guide you on achieving optimal results with minimal expenses.

Our host, Deni Kiro, selects clothes for celebrities, stars, and politicians. Deni graduated from the London Academy of Arts with profession Designer. She also holds degrees in Psychology and Coaching, which helps her find the right style for each person through psychology and fashion.

She will help you:

How to be sexy and elegant

Price Basic package from $99 to $69

Topic 3


Believe in Yourself

When you believe in yourself and value yourself, it’s normal for you to receive love, money, clients, marriage, and everything you desire.

However, the following block the faith in yourself:

• Manipulative and negative attitudes from our parents

• Lack of resources, knowledge, and skills

• Toxic relationships in personal and professional life

• Inability to support yourself in difficult times

Together, we will change these and other beliefs at the webinar "Believe in Yourself" This program is suitable for anyone looking to find their true mission and develop their potential. If you are seeking inspiration and support, you are in the right place.

Believe in Yourself

Price Basic plan from $49 to $29

Topic 4


4-days Challenge: Dreams in Action 2024

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

This challenge is designed for individuals who are prepared to reconfigure their internal systems to align with new vibrations. We find ourselves in a transitional phase at present, where established norms and practices are no longer effective, and new beliefs, behavioral patterns, values, and priorities are coming to the forefront.

Are you ready for a transformation?

The Challenge offers a fast and straightforward means to uplift your spirits and increase your vibrational frequency. As you are aware, a higher vibration empowers us to draw in the things we desire in our lives.

4-days Challenge: Dreams in Action 2024

Price Basic package from $349 to $69

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