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How to Beat

& Insomnia

Our modern, fast-paced lives, coupled with sleep deprivation, constant decision-making pressure, perpetual competition, frequent travel with time zone changes, and ambitious goals...

All of this won't make you a superhero, and at some point, it will lead to complete exhaustion and Burnout syndrome.

Let’s delve into some statistics from the international consulting firm, Gallop:

So do you fall into these statistics or do you believe that is not your case?

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Here's what our program offers:


Unveiling Burnout’s Many Faces – We’ll identify the early warning signs of professional burnout, explore its causes, and provide strategies for recovery during the initial stages;


Understanding Exhaustion’s Role – Exhaustion is the cornerstone of burnout. We’ll pinpoint where your energy drains during burnout, how to plug these leaks, and methods for boosting your energy levels. We’ll also delve into values – why you live and how to align your life with your values. You’ll learn how to discern what you genuinely desire, transition from a sense of obligation to a heartfelt desire, and identify what you need to let go of. We’ll introduce a new approach to planning;


Balancing Life Energies – We’ll guide you on achieving equilibrium between your professional and personal life. You’ll discover new sources of energy and motivation;


Eliminating Energy Drainers – Learn how to rid your life of energy vampires and individuals who deplete your vitality. We’ll help you recognize toxic relationships and provide strategies for ending them;


Self-Help Techniques – Explore a toolkit for self-help, equipping you to cope with stress and combat burnout;


Self-Esteem and You – Understand how self-esteem (or its lack) contributes to overworking. Discover techniques for regaining your self-worth and significance, and learn how to respond constructively to criticism;


Burnout’s Psychological Impact – Examine how burnout affects the mind and the potential health conditions it can lead to, including depression and panic attacks;


Who’s Prone to Professional Burnout? – We’ll explore the professions, activities, character traits, personality qualities, and behaviors that make individuals susceptible to burnout.

Throughout the program, you’ll receive practical exercisestoolsguided meditations, and insights into why you may be exhausting your mental resources. Prolonged stress can lead to chronic illnesses, and it’s crucial to address it before it’s too late.

We’ll also address generational patterns related to stress, overwork, and the fear of survival, as these often lie at the core of  Burnout.

This webinar is designed to help you make fundamental changes in your lifestyle, align with your values, and cultivate healthier habits.

The result will be improved health, increased energy, restful sleep, and the ability to channel your energy toward essential life goals.


99 $
  • Webinar "How to Beat Burnout and Insomnia?"
  • Host: Natalia Kobylkina
  • Homework and practical tasks

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