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5-days Turbo Workshop



5 Days

1 Hour Session

This is a workshop for people who are ready to restructure their system for new vibrations…
Currently, we are in a transitional time. Everything old stops working, and new beliefs, behavior patterns, values, and priorities are emerging.
Time is moving swiftly, and this is the moment to realize who you are, why you’re here, and where you are essentially headed.
In such times, it’s important to know how to love yourself and achieve everything through intuition, love, trust, and scale.
Old models of fear, limitations, shoulds, musts, I’m afraid, I’m guilty, I don’t have the right – they cease to work.
Those who learn it quickly will have the most beautiful year of their lives.
Those who don’t make internal changes will face difficulties and suffering.


The workshop will quickly and easily elevate your mood and vibration, and you know very well that a high vibration allows us to attract whatever we want in our lives.
Perfect for individuals who feel empty, anxious, and can’t see the way forward.


$ 149
  • 5 day x 1-hour Transformational online session
  • A list of books and movies on the topic
  • "INNER BALANCE" online course (value $69)
  • Unlimited access to the recordings.


$ 249
  • 5 day x 1-hour Transformational online session
  • A list of books and movies on the topic
  • Meditation for Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Cultivating Positive Energy (value $12)
  • Personal 50-minute session with an expert (value $100)
  • Unlimited access to the recordings.

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Dear Natalia, With your refined talent and professionalism, you taught me how to perceive reality with different eyes, to overcome difficulties, and to pursue my desires more confidently, yet very delicately at the same time. After the turbo transition workshop, I don't feel reborn, but like a newborn with a new awareness of approaching challenging situations, both with close and distant people, with a new awareness of my personal goals and achievements! Heartfelt thanks!
Lucy M.
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"I liked that in the workshop Natalia provides so much concentrated, useful knowledge and advice. I would say that I apply them in my life, but the workshop is an energizing reminder of them. For me, the workshop yielded results, even after meeting new people whom I chose to be those who already have experience in a similar endeavor like the one my friend and I want to embark on. After meeting them and following the ten steps to elevate the level, new wonderful friendships appeared in my life, a proposal for an interesting business project, as well as exciting events and experiences that lie ahead. I have always believed in quantum psychology and for me, this workshop was a beautiful confirmation of the validity of these theories. And for the habit to remove what I need to and add what I need, I chose those for whom this would truly be useful, and I am very glad that the workshop gave me the occasion to do so. I am also extremely satisfied with the option to watch the workshops on recording. As something that I would prefer to be different in the format, I would point out that I like workshop s that span over several days but with shorter videos. Thank you for the workshop and I wish Natalia and the team a lot of happiness and success!"
Maria M
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"Natalia's workshop was an incredible source of concentrated wisdom and practical advice. The way she presented the material resonated deeply with me, and I find myself incorporating her teachings into my daily life. The workshop was not just informative but also incredibly motivating, reminding me of the power I hold to shape my own reality. Through this experience, I've not only gained new insights but also formed valuable connections with like-minded individuals who are also on their journey of personal growth. The ripple effects of this workshop are already evident in the opportunities and exciting experiences that have come my way. Natalia's expertise has truly made a positive impact, and I'm excited to see where this newfound knowledge takes me. Many thanks to Natalia and her team for crafting such an enriching experience!"
Natalie Bristol
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"I was truly amazed by the depth of knowledge and guidance Natalia provided in her workshop . Each session was a concentrated dose of inspiration and actionable insights that I've already started applying to my life. Natalia's expertise opened my eyes to new ways of approaching challenges and embracing opportunities. What I found particularly valuable was the community formed during the workshop , connecting with individuals who share a similar quest for personal development. Through the carefully designed content, I've not only expanded my horizons but also gained a renewed sense of purpose and direction. The workshop has kickstarted a journey of positive change, and I'm incredibly grateful to Natalia for sharing her wisdom and creating such a transformative experience."
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"Natalia's workshop was a revelation in every sense. Her ability to condense profound concepts and practical advice into an easily digestible format was truly impressive. The was like a wellspring of inspiration, empowering me to make meaningful changes in my life. What I appreciated the most was the emphasis on individual empowerment and the reminder that we have the capacity to shape our own narratives. The connections I made with fellow participants further enriched the experience, as we shared our progress and insights along the way. The results of this workshop were immediate – new opportunities, a refreshed perspective, and a newfound sense of confidence. Natalia's expertise is a guiding light, and I'm excited to continue this journey armed with the tools and knowledge she shared. Thank you, Natalia, for such a transformative experience!"