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Break free from codependent relationships

“I Want You – I Don’t Want You”

Love addiction – when you lose your loved one for any reason, and it feels like the whole world is ending. You can't imagine living without them. You wait for them to return and realize how special you are to them and that they can't live without you. Hope constantly lives in you, and you waste your precious time.

When you meet you partner, you think to yourself: “Finally! It was worth all the waiting! They are smart, strong, active.” You are happy with them. They understand you very well, and in your head, the wedding dance is already playing; you’re thinking of names for your children and fantasizing about living together forever.
At some point, however, they disappears or want personal time, and you accept it as normal.
After a while, they return, and this starts to frustrate you. You search for reasons within yourself, thinking you did something wrong, and try to change your behavior. You try different strategies, but nothing helps. Sometimes they reappear unexpectedly, and you have passionate nights. You believe they love you and you mean something to them, but then they disappear again.

At a certain point, you start losing patience and want to leave. But how to move on after they have abandoned you? How to live without them and the idea of them? How to open your heart to love again one day?

The problem is that even if you break up with them, if you don't change your program, over time, you'll probably end up in similar relationships, and everything will start over.

This webinar is perfect for you if:

You're not valued

You feel that you are being used but you can't say No!

You experience fear and mistrust

You don't trust people and men, you're vulnerable, and easily offended.

You depend on others

You're afraid of being abandoned, making a mistake, and do everything possible to be liked.

You don't know how to let go

You constantly think about the past and where you made a mistake.

The eternal overachiever

You feel that you don't have the right to make a mistake, and if you do, it will be fatal.

You don't believe in yourself

You feel unworthy of love, gifts, attention, and serious relationships.

What we will do at the webinar:
It’s time to stop dissolving in your partner and rediscover healthy love without dependence!

Basic package

$ 29
  • 2 hours webinar Break free from codependent relationship" on 14 December | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm UK time

VIP package

group up to 20 people
$ 99
  • 2 hours webinar Break free from codependent relationship" on 14 December | 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm UK time
  • 55 minutes private session with one of our experts of your choice ($49)
  • Recording from the Online course "How to deal with addictions" ($99)

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