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4 - Days Challenge

The Alchemy of money

With natalia kobylkina

4 one-hour meetings 

Recorded Challenge

Initially, humans were weak, and in order to survive, God gave humanity a mechanism called Alchemy. The mechanism was so successful that millions of followers of alchemy began practicing it and found it to be successful.

Life is full of abundance. Do you agree?

Wealth does not stem from the quantity of things. Wealth is a result of the state of your mind, the quality of your life. The way you deal with money in your daily life expresses your inner mental state. Like attracts like, what is inside is also outside. This principle is the basis of everything in the world. Money has a deep spiritual dimension: through them, the root chakra is activated, and wealth activates the love for life chakra. The surest way to become rich is to open the money channels to attract Fate on your side.

This program is your golden chance if you want to:

Raise your living standards and increase your income

Learn to manage money and recognize the right opportunities

Rebuild your consciousness and free yourself from non-working behavioral patterns and sabotaging scenarios

Learn the laws of money and their correct application for your benefit

Develop your specific working strategy for financial success, prosperity, and abundance

Build habits to retain and multiply money



Alchemy of Money

Goal: Understanding the connection between money and humans and their role in our lives.

The alchemy of money is a process where we strive to turn our finances and resources into greater wealth and success. This process can be achieved through various stages of financial growth and successful models for increasing income.  
  1. Introduction to the concept of “Alchemy of Money” and its symbolism
  2. How our beliefs influence our financial decisions and well-being
  3. Overcoming financial blocks and limiting beliefs
  4. Transforming negative emotions about money into positive energy
  5. Visualization and affirmations to attract financial opportunities/money
  6. The law of attraction and how to use it to achieve financial goals


Psychology of Money and Financial Literacy

Goal: Exploring the psychological aspects of money management and the importance of financial literacy.

Wealth does not adhere to strictly defined laws; it depends entirely on our behavior. Money is everywhere. It is an integral part of our daily lives. For some, they are a means of survival, for others – a life goal. Regardless of our individual attitude toward them, no one remains indifferent.  
  1. Inheritance of the family financial model. Consequences
  2. Mini Constellations for Money
  3. Money impulse – How do you subconsciously react to money
  4. Environment and financial decisions – How to create a successful financial environment
  5. Psychology of the rich and poor person.
  6. Financial literacy – basic concepts
  7. Financial management


Stages of financial growth and successful models for increasing income.

Goal: Exploring specific methods and strategies for creating wealth and abundance.

The first steps in the alchemy of money are to realize the importance of finances and to define clear financial goals. This may include creating a budget, tracking expenses, and setting goals for savings and investments.  
  1. Saving stage: Once you have realized your financial goals, the next stage is to start saving. This may include regular deposits into savings accounts or investments.
  2. Investment stage: To increase your financial success, you need to invest your money. This stage involves considering various investment opportunities.
  3. Financial growth stage: Over time, an increase in finances is needed. This stage involves continuously increasing your investments and savings.
  4. Debt management stage: Managing debt is a crucial aspect of the alchemy of money. You should strive to reduce or avoid unnecessary debts and manage the ones you have more effectively.
  5. Financial freedom stage: The ultimate goal of the alchemy of money is to achieve financial freedom, where money works for you, and you can live the way you want without worrying about your financial needs.


Subconscious Adjustment

Goal: Changing the subconscious attitude toward money

Changing the subconscious attitude toward money is an important step toward improved financial well-being. Subconscious beliefs and feelings about money significantly influence our financial decisions and behavior.  
  1. Subconscious adjustment – We will properly recharge our subconscious to lead to real results in your life
  2. Goal achievement – You will gain complete inner freedom and opportunities to receive the money you truly desire
  3. Wealth channel – You will enter the right channel of rich people to move forward
  4. Energy and resource for enrichment – You will recharge with the right energy and discover your resource for development

Gifts for you

The goal of the program is to provide valuable financial knowledge and practical strategies that will help people achieve their financial goals and develop a healthier attitude toward money.

Remember that financial success is a journey, and this marathon is just the beginning!


$ 49
  • 4 meetings x 1 hour each
  • Homework Tasks & Assignments
  • A list: of books and movies on the topic
  • Gift: Meditation for releasing limiting beliefs and cultivating positive energy
  • Unlimited access to the recordings.

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