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A Glimpse into Your Childhood  

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A Glimpse into Your Childhood  

I like saying that while Geisha 1 is the foundation to a happy life, Geisha 2 is the foundation of a healthy life. With the help of the latter, you can become your own therapist—to understand the roots of your own traumas.  

Many girls ask me, “Natalia, what is the most suitable course for me? What should I start with?” 

My answer is always the same: “Geisha 1, followed by Geisha 2!”  

My Geisha program is the steppingstone to a happy life! It’s the very root of happiness!  

If you wonder how to cure your soul, or how to heal from childhood trauma, there’s only one path for you—the Geisha’s path!  

Healing your soul means overcoming all childhood traumas, which you’ve carried buried within for years.  

Our childhood is a period of both great change and great vulnerability in our life. Childhood abuse and traumas can cause great turmoil in our lives, leading to psychological, social, sexual, and physical problems later on. Some problems are so severe they can hardly be eliminated through therapy.  

As it turns out, parents are the most common root of emotional abuse. And, worse, because emotional abuse leaves no visible scars, we can hardly help those who are subjected to it.  

Emotional abuse is characterized by negative communication between children and adults, where the child is demoralized and humiliated. Understand: children are very sensitive, and they absorb everything they hear. If you tell them they’re not good enough, they will adopt that belief! Psychologists believe that even a single instance of physical or emotional abuse can forever tarnish a child’s psyche.  

You can recognize a child who’s suffering from emotional trauma through the following symptoms:  

  • The child isolates itself.  
  • The child closes itself out from the world.  
  • The child is passive.  
  • The child always seeks other people’s approval and validation.  
  • The child is overly independent.  
  • The child is stubbier and prone to anger.  

The child suffers from psychosomatic conditions. The University of Leiden has found that stomach aches and headaches are the most common psychosomatic discomforts that children experience.  

Have you recognized yourself—or your inner child—in any of these symptoms?  

If so, welcome to Geisha. Open the door to your new reality and step into your new life!  

This is for everyone who’s finally ready to eliminate their childhood traumas, gain inner strength, and become psychologically mature.  


Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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