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How to Catch Them in the Act?

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How to Catch Them in the Act?

Both men and women cheat, inevitably hurting their partners.

Know that the blame for unfaithfulness does not lie solely on the person who cheats; it usually falls upon both partners in a 50-50 manner.

Signs he’s cheating on you:

  1. He’s got memory problems. He becomes forgetful.
  2. He refuses to do the deed with you.
  3. He stops caring about you and what you do.
  4. He develops new habits: he starts doing things he never did before.
  5. He changes his style and his appearance.
  6. He starts hiding his phone.
  7. He looks for a new car or starts taking better care of his current car.
  8. He grows unreasonably happy, only to then become angry with you. He starts blaming and criticizing you.
  9. He gets a new perfume and/or he starts smelling differently. You sense notes of a female perfume on him.

If your man is cheating only because he wants diversity, don’t worry too much. He will come back to you. This is not a reason to separate from him.

If your man starts investing in this new woman and introduces her to your children, take a deep breath. He’s grown attached to her. There’s nothing you can do. You can perhaps be direct with him and note you know he’s cheating. “What happened with us? How can I make things better? Why don’t we go on a vacation together?” These can help you determine if there’s still hope for you.

In either case, ask yourself what you did wrong. Often, men cheat because women prioritize their children over their partners.

Now, as we’ve established, men are not the only ones who cheat.

Sings she’s cheating on you:

  1. She becomes mysterious.
  2. She now has this dreamy smile.
  3. She changes her appearance. She loses a lot of weight. She starts taking care of her nails, hair, and makeup. She does a lot of beauty procedures.
  4. Her best friend needs help all the time–or so she says.
  5. She returns home late–she’s usually happy, but, as soon as she gets home, her mood worsens.
  6. She starts comparing her partner with other men and criticizing him.
  7. She stops caring about her partner.
  8. She doesn’t reply to your messages or pick up your calls.
  9. She starts traveling a lot more and/or attending new seminars, lectures, and courses.
  10. She either stops having sex with you or changes her sensual behavior.

If your wife cheats on you, speak with her. Understand what’s missing and how you can give it to her. Determine if you can improve your relationship–or if it is a lost cause.

Good luck!

P.S. My dear ladies, take care of yourselves. Invest in yourselves. Give yourselves pleasure and joy. That’s the best protection against adultery. If you want to learn more, welcome to “The Path of the Happy Woman.”



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