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The Four Levels of Wealth

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The Four Levels of Wealth

People believe that one’s financial situation depends on factors such as one’s job, salary, education, hometown, inheritance, and spending habits. This is wrong!

I’ve seen people without formal education establish successful businesses. I also know people who live in tiny towns and, despite that, have managed to grow rich. I could give you tons of examples about people who splurge on opulence and luxury and never seem to run out of money!

Although it is true that different factors impact your financial situation, the factors that matter are different from the ones you’d expect to matter. I’m talking about the four levels of wealth—the algorithm that every millionaire knows and follows.

What’s this algorithm? What are the four levels of wealth?

    • Your community. The first level of wealth in our community. These are the people you spend the most time with. Consider what they are like. What is their income? What do they say about money? Their attitudes and opinions about money impact the way we perceive wealth. Exercise: make a list of your closest people. Note their income. Include their qualities and personal beliefs about money. You will soon recognize that your income and attitude towards money are like yours. If you want to change your attitude towards money and increase your income, you need to change the people you surround yourself with.
    • Your behavior and appearance. As strange as it may be, people prefer to spend money on those who look and act well. What does this mean? It means that people will be a whole lot more likely to spend money on your business and on your products if you look good. Learn to speak well and dress well. Do your hair and makeup. Get your nails done. Have a good posture. Now, let me illustrate this point: if you go to a business meeting without makeup and with your nail polish chipped off, you will not look presentable. No matter how. Successful or knowledgeable you are, the person you’re meeting with will hardly take you seriously.

  • Your beliefs. These are all the beliefs you have about money. They stem from your parents, current family, and friends, as well as the experiences you’ve gone through. You may have utterly wrong convictions about money. Your thoughts may prevent you from growing rich. They may lead you to act in an unfruitful manner. Imagine this: you’re afraid to take risks and you view money as something wrong and evil. You think that money is hard to make. And, as you’ve witnessed your parents fighting over money repeatedly, you feel that money causes scandals.
  • Your habits. Although this may surprise you, the poor have a set of distinct habits. Some of these habits are sleeping in late, eating unhealthy food, watching TV, having addictions such as cigarettes and alcohol, and being inactive. Another habit that is very common among the poor is their unwillingness to grow and develop. The rich, unlike the poor, do the opposite: they wake up early, work out, drink a lot of water, eat healthy food, read, attend different courses, learn new languages, and develop new skills.

Join my New Money Marathon, master the different levels of wealth, do constellations for money, and let abundance flow into your life!

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