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You often ask me, “Natalia, what is the difference between your online courses and your in-person courses?” I always have the same answer: “it’s the people!” Let me explain what I mean…

When we conduct group sessions—whether online or in-person—we work on a few different things:

  • Theory – I know that my courses wouldn’t be as effective if I just told you what to do. You need to know why you should do it! I, therefore, give you the foundational knowledge about the selected topic, as well as the most common mistakes you could make, to show you what unfruitful behaviors are hindering your success. In the theoretical part of my courses, I share clear rules and steps you should follow.
  • Practices – Although obtaining knowledge about a certain topic is important, it is hardly enough. To achieve results, you need to rewire your neuron connections and transform your mindset. This process, as you will come to see, will change your energy and raise your vibration. Your life will only start to change when your energetic field has been altered.
  • Homework Tasks – We then implement everything you’ve learned by doing concrete actions and steps. As you know, I assign you a lot of homework tasks, and you should get all of them done! We then discuss these homework tasks and notice what’s been hard for you!

What do you experience as we go through this process?

    • Resistance – Many of you experience a great dose of inner resistance. Some of you openly refuse to accept a given idea or to get a certain homework task done. Others get these tasks done, but, in the process, experience physical symptoms like a headache, fatigue, and crying. Here comes the first difference between online courses and in-person ones. In-person groups make it a whole lot easier to overcome this inner resistance—these groups give you support and courage, showing you that you’re not alone!
    • Energy – By doing different practices and experiences, you are not only changing your worldview but you’re also transforming your energy. While some people find this step to be difficult, others view it as rather easy. It’s been scientifically proven that when in a group, people eventually sync up their energies. That’s much like warming your cold hands as you hold a cup of hot tea. No matter how many negative thoughts, emotions, inner blockages, and traumas you have, group therapy is potent enough to take you out of this “hole!” If you’ve participated in my in-person courses, you know this to be true. My events charge you for the days to come, don’t they?

  • Actualization – Once your vibration has changed, your energetic field will begin attracting your desired results. How quickly you achieve your desires depend on the strength and frequency of your vibration. Imagine every participant is like a pulsating point. If you participate in my courses online, these “points” are scattered across the globe. Each of them equals 1. If you participate in my in-person courses, every participant is in the same place—which unites and strengthens your energy, making it a whole lot easier for you to achieve your dreams. You, in turn, become powerful magnets for change, attracting the desired results quickly.
    Due to these reasons, I recommend you participate in more in-person events—as long as you have the opportunity, of course. I also try to organize larger events with hundredths of people, as these events, I know, allow us to combine our energies and actualize our dreams.

It’s my absolute pleasure to invite you to my newest program Our Feminine Wings!

Natalia Kobylkina
Psychologist, family therapist, author
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