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33 Days to the Dream Relationship

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33 Days to the Dream Relationship

When all of our past relationships have ended poorly, we find it hard to believe that we can one day find Mr or Mrs. Right. Many of us have experienced heartbreak and disappointment, which have led us to decide that love isn’t for us. We accept this to be true and:

  • Either live alone, take loneliness as an integral part of life
  • Or stay in a relationship that does not satisfy us just because we don’t want to be alone

I believe that everyone deserves (and can have) a happy relationship! You just need to know how to attract and keep it!  

Here are a few tips about turning the dream love into a lovely actuality:

    • Know what you want. It’s crucial you understand what partner you are looking for. Be aware of how you want them to look, as well as what qualities, interests, and views you want them to have. Finally, consider what a “happy relationship” means to you.
    • Formulate your dream properly. Many people use visualization and manifestation techniques wrongly, only to then wonder why they don’t obtain the desired results.
    • Balance your inner energies. We all have both feminine energy and masculine energy. If these are in disharmony, we will struggle to attract a partner with balanced energy. If you are a woman who has dominant inner man energy, you are likely to attract men who live in their feminine energy. Yet, you will dislike these men and think of them as weak and unprosperous.
    • Develop the qualities you seek in others. We attract what we are. If you want a loving partner, become loving towards others and yourself. Look at the list you drafted in Step One and ask yourself, “Do I have these qualities?” Many people make the grave mistake of having none of the qualities they’re looking for in a partner! They, for example, want someone to care for them when they show little to no care for their own wants and needs. Or they search for someone who can offer them security when they cannot feel secure in their own life.

  • Open your heart.To do so, follow a few steps. First, release your fears. Don’t be afraid of love! Relinquish the walls you’ve built around yourself and become more trusting. Second, find the balance between your ego and your heart, namely between the individuality of your own SELF and the feeling of belonging to a group, to a united WE.

These are just a few of the steps you should follow to attract your dream partner. There are many other strategies that you can learn and implement in order to keep your partner and establish a happy, healthy relationship.

This, however, is a long process that takes time. Rewiring your neuronal connections takes 33 days. That’s how the idea to host an online marathon, “33 Days to the Dream,” which is based on a book of the same name. Over the course of this marathon, we will do all sorts of exercises together. I will give you 33 live videos, as well as recordings of homework tasks, meditations, movies, and a WhatsApp support group. You will work through with your inner energy, as well as learn how to attract and keep the chosen partner. We will also do a speed-dating session for those of you who are single.

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