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5-Day challenge: Boost Your Money Flow

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A transformational 5-days program for success!

To live an affluent life, you have to eliminate negative views and attitudes towards money, adopt a money-friendly mindset, and learn to spot opportunities. Step on the path of success, wealth, and abundance!

For more than a decade, I have been transforming women’s lives. I’ve helped them heal, let go of the past, and conceive the desired future. My online courses and Workshops, this one included, are based on my psychological expertise and the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. “Money Workshop,” I know, is the best Workshop you can join to attract money and become financially free!


This program is perfect for:

  • People who live in misery and take out loans to afford basic necessities. It will show you how to cut the cycle of poverty and adopt a money-making mindset! 
  • People who work hard and make money but struggle to take time off. For people like these, work is all-consuming. If you are one of them, you never allow yourself a chance to rest. You work all the time! This Workshop will help you start taking time off for yourself. In turn, you will not only be happier, but you will also become more productive, thus making more money!
  • People who desire to enter the flow of the Universe. It will help you step on the path of abundance and attract money easily and effectively! You will be accumulating wealth while doing what you love! Join us and learn how!

People who know how the flow of energy works are always living in abundance! Will you be one of them?

What will you learn?

  • You will learn a ton of new techniques and practices.
  • You will learn how to manage your unconscious attitude towards money.
  • You will understand the power of your conscious and subconscious minds.
  • You will tackle your finances-related limitations and fears.
  • You will gain a sense of confidence and creativity.
  • You will stimulate the flow of abundance in your life.
  • You will rewire your brain to a new wavelength.
  • You will see new opportunities.


Are you ready to?

  • Reflect on the roots of your financial misery.
  • Heal from financial trauma.
  • Rewire your brain for wealth.
  • Enter the flow of abundance.
  • Stop more opportunities.
  • Make more money.
  • Become wealthy!

This life-changing Workshop will help you work through your financial trauma, understand the roots of your financial misery, and rewire your brain for financial success. This program will introduce you to different practices for wealth and teach you how to apply them to attract abundance. Join this training and learn how to remain on the path of affluence long after the program’s end!



What will we do?

  • We will dive deep into your past, locate your family’s behaviour towards money, and spot the roots of your views towards money.
  • We will do different psychological and spiritual practices to help you deal with unfruitful behaviors towards money.
  • We will do different psychological and spiritual practices to help you reprogram your mind for financial success.
  • We will discuss how you can notice and seize opportunities.
  • We will examine different methods through which you can attract wealth.
  • We will speak about different ways through which you can remain a magnet for money even after the end of this Workshop!

Choose your best option

Basic Package 

  • 5 lectures each 1 hour long
  • Homework & Assignments
  • Access to the recordings 3 months 

VIP Package 

  • 5 lectures each 1 hour long
  • VIP Group 1 – 90 min. therapy group (only 15 people)
  • VIP Group 2 – 90 min. therapy group (only 15 people)
  • WhatsApp support group
  • Homework & Assignments
  • Online course “How to Become a Confident Winner & Thrive?” (129$) – access 3 months
  • Access to the recordings 6 months


  • How will this Workshop help me make money?

By helping you reflect on your current attitudes towards money, this Workshop will encourage you to eliminate beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve your financial success. In this way, it will allow you to reprogram your mind for abundance and begin attracting all the material goods you desire.

  • How much time do I need to spend on this program?

You need to spend around 60 minutes every day–over the course of 5 days. And ensure you complete all given tasks to achieve results.

Who is the trainer?

Natalia Kobylkina

Family therapist, psychologist, and author, Natalia Kobylkina has gained international fame for transforming lives! Throughout her career, she has helped people from over 150 countries. This has unsurprisingly won her the award "Most Influential Person on Social Media for 2018," among others. She deserves it, that's for sure! Natalia's dedication to changing lives, improving relationships, and helping establish new ones has made thousands happier. As effective as she is, Natalia always aims to tackle old trauma, eliminate blockages, and achieve a positive change in the…

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