What’s the Reason Behind My Success?

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What’s the Reason Behind My Success?

I often hear people say, “Natalia, you are so lucky – everything happens to you so easily!” and “You’ve established the dream life. You know how to advise others, too!” I also hear people say, “Someone is always giving Natalia money!” Therefore, I want to show you what the reason behind my success is!

I was born into an ordinary family. The five of us lived in a tiny flat. We were dirt poor, and we wore torn shoes in the Russian winter. I walked to school every single day. As a young girl, I had low self-confidence and panic attacks. I used to stutter all the time!

I was faced with a choice – I could either live like that forever, following the behavioral models of my parents, or I could try to change things and flee this unfruitful situation. That’s how my personal transformation began. That’s when I decided that I would one day live the life of my dreams. That’s how I began looking for a way out.

I started reading books about personal development and attended a seminar that changed my life! I kept attending different programs for personal development. I implemented everything I learned and, after lots of work, I managed to stop stuttering and eliminate my fears.

Wonderful things began happening in my life. I was chosen as Miss University. I also found a job and I met my first husband.
When I moved to Bulgaria, I was still far from leading the dream life. My husband and I had no money, and we lived in a poor neighborhood. I couldn’t find a job because I didn’t speak any Bulgarian! It was a difficult period, but I did not disrepair. Rather, I acted in accordance with the laws of the Universe, applying the laws of abundance I had learned over the years.

Not so long after, I started my business. I rented our first office in Sofia and furnished it with furniture that my friends had gifted me. My first employee worked for free, spending two hours per night to help my business forward! (She had a full-time job, after all.)

I only gathered 12 people for my first seminar. Within six months, however, I managed to organize more seminars that got fully booked out! I could finally pay my first employee and I hired her to work for me full-time. Today, fifteen years later, we still work together.

Over time, I started getting invitations to participate in TV shows. I gained popularity, and my business grew. In fact, it was one of the first Bulgarian businesses that offered online courses. I hired more employees, and we then opened our Be You center.

I’ve now expanded my business to two markets—the Bulgarian one and the English-speaking market. Over 20 people work for me. We’ve also partnered with talented lecturers and specialists, leading thousands of people to stream our courses. I’ve been chosen as the most influential person on social media, and I’ve been repeatedly featured in Forbes magazine. On top of everything, my books have become best-sellers, and they’re now being published in English!

I am finally living the life of my dreams – the life I promised myself when I was a young girl! I have a wonderful family, and I lead my dream life in London! I love my job, and I can afford to travel everywhere I want.

What I have today wasn’t gifted to me. I achieved it all with effort—resilience, persistence, and hard work. I managed to do this because I overcame my traumas, changed my habits, and transformed both my mindset and my behavior.

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