How Can You Seduce Him?

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How Can You Seduce Him?

Many people think seduction only occurs on a sexual level… and, between the sheets. That’s not true! Seduction is an art, a long process that begins the second you meet a person. Sex is merely a result of your efforts.

Seduction starts with you! To seduce, you need to manage your inner feminine power. You need to love yourself, without a trace of fear or shame. You need to be confident and certain in your femininity. You need to feel beautiful and desired.

Seduction is similar to attracting everyone around you like a magnet. You can do it, regardless of age or physical appearance.

True seductresses know how to play on men’s heartstrings, leading men to ceaselessly adore and seek them! These women communicate confidently, making men fulfill their wishes! They masterfully combine the roles of a friend, a lover, and a muse!

Unfortunately, you cannot become a talented seductress overnight. However, here is where you can start if you want to seduce someone:

    • Touch. Use touch to your advantage. It will invite the man’s interest and increase his attraction towards you. Touch doesn’t have to be intense. You can accidentally “bump” into the desired partner, just as you can accidentally touch his leg with your leg when taking a seat.
    • Pull back. Once you’ve taken the first step, you can pull back. This will allow you to put some distance between yourself and the man. Give him a dose of physical “freedom” without breaking eye contact.
    • Vulnerability. When you display vulnerability through your body language or overall demeanour, you make men more interested in you. You, after all, awaken their instinct to protect you. You can, for example, place your hands on your neck or shoulders. This pose not only communicates a sense of vulnerability; it also directs men’s attention to your body!

  • Make him feel important. Pay attention to your man. It would be even better if you can manage to reject some other suitor in his presence. Laugh at his jokes and ask him questions. Display interest in his hobbies and stories. Nothing is more attractive than a person who makes you feel as if you’re on top of the world.
  • Communicate your desires. If you want to “go home” with someone you just met, let them know! If you want to see them, let them know! If you want to seduce your long-term partner, communicate your desires; note what sex position you’d like to try or what erotic game you’d wish to play. No matter the situation, you can only complete the seduction process once you’ve indicated the game!

As I already mentioned, you cannot become a talented seductress in a day. It takes practice. So, if you want to learn more about seduction, register for my courses “The Rules of Seduction”

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