How to Thrive in a Man’s World?

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How to Thrive in a Man’s World?

A few days ago, I made a post that led to a discussion on social media. In this post, I explained that—despite our fight for equality and equity—we still live in a patriarchal world. Our world… is still a man’s world!

Many of you asked me the following questions:

  • Natalia, does this mean that we should accept the patriarchy and never do anything to fight it?
  • As women, do we have a fair shot at success?
  • Are you saying that we should submit to our men, always striving to fulfill their desires?

There were many other comments and questions. Many of them displayed a sense of helplessness, anger, and desperation. This led me to offer you some more information on the topic.
Let me clarify: we, as women, do not have to submit to men. I doubt any woman would want to return to the Dark Ages and be treated as women were treated then. All I want to say is that if we want to be happy if we want to achieve what we want, we have to accept the ways of our world and stop competing with men.

Instead, we have to turn into Queens—brave, feminine rulers!

Here are some signs that you may be doing things wrongly:

  • You are unable to care for others.
  • You are either unable to get what you want, or you only achieve your goals by overcoming sizeable difficulties.
  • Men see you as anything but a woman! To them, you are a colleague, a friend, a boss, but never a woman.
  • You don’t have a partner; you often feel lonely and isolated.
  • You have partners—but you never manage to establish a serious relationship.
  • You have a partner, but you have family problems.
  • You feel insulted by others as if you have to be on the defensive at all times.
  • You cannot set boundaries and stop those who violate them.

If you can relate to these, you should develop the Archetype of Queen. This is one of the most underestimated female archetypes; yet, it is among the most significant. You cannot be a happy, successful woman unless you develop it.

In fact, this archetype is so important that you cannot thrive in a man’s world without it! Once you develop it, men will start putting the crown on your head with their very own hands!

They do so because these women are:

  • Strong, which leads them to become a safe haven for their men.
  • Confident, which helps them set boundaries and protect their space.
  • Able to turn a house into a home, making it the place a man longs to return to.
  • Able to organize their homes in a way that speaks of love, abundance, and joy.
  • Able to open their hearts and care for others!
  • Able to remain soft, supportive, and understanding.

These women are sought-after by men. Men view the seriously, wanting to have a stable marriage and children with them! On top of that, men are willing to fulfill their wishes! They value these women’s wisdom, often following their advice. That’s how you can become a Queen and thrive in a man’s world!
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